Departmental Scholarships

Each year, students in can apply for scholarships offered by the College of Science. These scholarships are open to all eligible students in the college and have varying criteria. Many of the academic departments within the College of Science also offer scholarships for students in their programs. Highlights of the departmental scholarships are listed on this page. Students can check with their advisors to discover available scholarships.

Biological Sciences | Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Forensic Sciences | Mathematics & Physics | Natural Resources & Earth Sciences

Biological Sciences Scholarships

The Department of Biological Sciences has three students awards. Review of applications will begin in September. All applications must include unofficial transcripts, contact information for two faculty references, and an one-page statement describing: your overall research interests, the research you are involved in at Marshall University, and how your interests and research are within the scope of the award.

Dr. Charles J. Gould Jr. Botany Scholarship / Travel Award
Open to undergraduate or graduate students in the College of Science who are interested in Botany. Must clearly demonstrate coursework and/or research in a botanical field.

The Donald Cain Tarter Biological Sciences Student Research Scholarship
Open to undergraduate (juniors, seniors) or graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences or the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. Must be actively involved in research in the following science areas: biological, environmental, biotechnical, biomedical or energy.

The Charlie Viers ’64 Scholarship in Life Sciences
Open to undergraduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences. Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and first priority will be given to residents of Wayne County, WV.

Please contact the Biological Sciences Department at or visit for more information.

Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Forensic Sciences Scholarships

Criminal Justice & Criminology Scholarships

Criminal Justice & Criminology has four need-based scholarships available to returning students that range from $400-1500.

Roger W. Simmons Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Dora L. Simmons Memorial Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Jeanette Kitto Schumacher Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Glenn W. Burner Memorial Scholarship

Please contact Criminal Justice & Criminology at for more information.

Cyber Forensics & Security Scholarships

In addition to scholarships awarded by the university and College of Science, students in Cyber Forensics & Security may be awarded the following scholarship:

Juanita Carpenter Sammons Scholarship
The recipient(s) shall be a full-time student who is majoring in Cyber Forensics & Security in the College of Science. While maintaining exceptional performance in the normal curriculum, the student’s work should bring attention and credit to Marshall’s growing importance in the field of Cyber Forensics & Security, such as publishing an article and/or participating in coursework-related competition/conference activity. The award shall be renewable up to four years (8 semesters) if the recipient maintains good academic standing.

Please contact Cyber Forensics & Security at or visit for more information.

Department of Mathematics & Physics

Mathematics Scholarships

Mathematics is the steward for five financial scholarships, which are outlined below:

Betty Frame McConihay Memorial Scholarship
The recipient for this renewable award shall be a full-time, undergraduate student who is majoring in math and is in good academic standing. First preference shall be given to a resident of West Virginia and to someone who wants to teach math.

The Francis E. and William W. Beldon Endowed Scholarship
The recipients shall be full-time student, undergraduate students, who are majoring in Mathematics in the College of Science who has need per standards of the Office of Student Financial Assistance, with preference to a resident of West Virginia.

Gilbert S Elliott Scholarship
This scholarship shall support students majoring in science or mathematics.

Lillian Hackney Undergraduate Outstanding Mathematics Student Award
The scholarship shall benefit rising senior or graduating undergraduate students who are pursuing any major in the Mathematics Department.

Sheldon and Connie Lynn Jones Scholarship COS
The recipients shall be sophomore students who are West Virginia residents with demonstrated financial need and have a 2.75 GPA or better. The recipients shall be full-time students working towards a degree with a declared major in mathematics in the College of Science (COS).

Vernon Sharp Scholarship
This scholarship shall benefit graduates of Cabell Midland High School. They shall be full-time student(s) in the College of Science, with first priority to majors in mathematics who are in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need per standards determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Please contact Mathematics at for more information.

Physics Scholarships

Each year, Physics has 3 scholarships to give to its students:

A. Dixon Callihan, Donald C Martin, and Ralph P. Hron memorial Physics Scholarship

Alva and Dixon Callihan/John Marshall Scholarship

Dr. Thomas J. and Mary A. Manakkil Memorial Scholarship

Please contact Physics at or visit for more information.

Department of Natural Resources & Earth Sciences

Geology Scholarships

Geology awards seven scholarships each year:

Undergraduate Full-time Tuition Waiver
One full-time tuition waiver will be awarded to a B.A. or B.S. Geology major on a competitive basis. Applicants must have completed GLY 110 or GLY 200, GLY 210L, and must have completed (or be enrolled in) any two additional classes.

Geology Department Academic Scholarship
Awarded once each fall, selection will be based primarily on overall academic achievement in college-level courses but especially in geology classes. The recipient(s) must have declared Geology as his/her major in either the B.A. or B.S. options, and they must have completed at least 11 credit hours in geology classes and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Robert E. Fox Field Camp Scholarship
Awarded once each year for Geology major(s) to attend summer field camp, this scholarship is provided through the generosity of Robert Fox, who graduated from Marshall with a B.S. in Geology in 1952 and from the University of Illinois with an M.S. in Geology in 1953.

Outstanding Freshman
Awarded to one freshman Geology major based on academic merit and need.

Academic Achievement
Awarded to one Geology major each year (sophomore – senior) based on academic merit and need.

Outstanding First Year Major
Awarded to a Geology major based on academic merit and need for (sophomore – senior) students switching into Geology as a major.

Outstanding Incoming Freshman
Awarded to a high school senior registered at Marshall as a Geology Major in Fall semester, based on academic merit and need.

Please contact Geology at or visit for more information.