The Department of Chemistry encourages students to start research projects before their senior year, because undergraduate research helps students hone problem-solving skills, gain new knowledge, improve academic performance, and score higher on tests like the MCAT and the GRE. Students who participate in research as undergraduates are better prepared for graduate school, professional schools, and future careers, regardless of field. Many student researchers even co-author publications in professional journals or present their work at off-campus scientific meetings while they are still undergraduates.

Students in Dr. Laura McCunn's physical chemistry course

Laura McCunn receives a Petroleum Research Fund grant

David Eckre and Hannah Adkins show cultures of Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Marshall students with NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins (center) at the 2016 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology national meeting in San Diego, CA. Left to right: Alexis Kastigar, Shelley Naylor, Collins, Nick Kegley, Brandon Murdock.Marshall students with NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins (center)

Chris presenting his research with Scott Day at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Indianapolis.

Nick Kegley (Biochemistry, ’17) describes his project

Students attending the Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in May 2016

The Swamp is a room managed by chemistry majors where students can both relax and study here, as well as make and eat lunch.

Shelley Naylor (CHM ’16) describes her work

The following links show Research Opportunities in the Department of Chemistry, information about the Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and opportunities to obtain Financial Support for research participation:

Research Opportunities within the Department of Chemistry

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Financial Support for Undergraduate Research


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