Chemistry higher education is more than learning what others have discovered, it involves creating new knowledge. Because of this, the Department of Chemistry has an active undergraduate research program that provides each student a wide range of opportunities.

In addition to the advantages of small class size, we offer students interested in learning state-of-the-art science the opportunity to join a small research group as early as their first semester. Participating in research serves the dual purposes of enabling students to exercise and expand their innate creativity while also strengthening their laboratory skills and honing their essential problem solving skills. Both of these skills are essential for success later in life.

Over the past 5 years, 80% of our students have gone on to advanced degree programs in a range of fields, including medicine and chemistry. Recent students have gone on to excellent graduate programs at universities ranging from the University of California at Berkeley to Virginia Tech to Yale. The stronger understanding of chemistry one achieves through independent research as an undergraduate has proven an effective tool in increasing the competitive advantage for students seeking entry into professional programs including medical, dental, pharmacy and law schools. For example, our graduates have gone on to medical school at Georgetown, Louisville, Tennessee, as well as schools in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Chemistry offers five undergraduate majors leading to a Bachelor of Science degree; Chemistry (ACS Certified), Chemical Sciences, BioChemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Each of the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Programs encourages students to become active researchers as a path to hone problem-solving skills, gain new knowledge, and improve academic performance.

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Graduate Degree Program

The Department of Chemistry offers a Master of Science in Chemistry degree. This two-year program is intended primarily for individuals interested in advanced training in chemistry. In addition to the formal curriculum and program requirements, graduate students in Chemistry are offered many opportunities to familiarize themselves with the wide-range of state-of-the-art instrumentation, work on cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary projects and participate in professional conferences.

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