Degrees in Chemistry

Degrees in Chemistry can lead directly to professional employment in local or national industries producing chemical products, plastics, pharmaceuticals, or metals. Bachelor of Science graduates may also be professionally employed by local water and waste treatment laboratories or national research laboratories.

Degrees in Chemistry are also sought after for advanced degree training in Master of Science or Ph.D. programs in Chemistry, Forensic Science, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Food Science and similar sciences. The broad requirements chemistry majors have also make their education attractive to medical schools training physicians, dentist, optometrists, and other health science professionals.

B.S. Degree in Chemistry, ACS Certified
The major that is certified by the American Chemical Society. This degree requires a rigorous program in math, physics, and each of the five subdivisions of chemistry. Students who plan to continue on to higher degrees in chemistry should take this degree. Some industrial companies consider this degree a requirement for employment as a professional chemist.

B.S. Degree in Chemical Sciences
This chemistry degree has the most flexibility. Proper choice of science electives allows the student to design a course of study to fit his or her needs from specialization in analytical instrumental to molecular biology to pharmaceutical sales.

B.S. Degree in Biochemistry
Students seeking this degree will be prepared for the career opportunities in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and medical fields or for graduate studies in biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology or genetics.

B.S. Degree in Forensic Chemistry
Majors with this degree usually try to gain admission to a M.S. level program in Forensic Science, either at the Marshall University Forensic Science Center or some other similar program.

B.S. Degree in Environmental Chemistry
Similar to a degree in Chemical Sciences, but includes several courses in the sub-specialty of environmental-analytical chemistry.

M.S. Degree in Chemistry
The Master of Science Degree in Chemistry is a two-year program intended primarily for individuals interested in advanced training in chemistry and related disciplines in preparation for doctoral programs or for careers in industry, government, or post-secondary school education.

For more ideas about potential chemistry careers, as well as perspectives of practicing chemistry professionals, visit the:
American Chemical Society College to Career webpage.


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