Undergraduate Degrees in Chemistry

Degrees offered by the Department of Chemistry provide a program of studies that allows the individual to:

  1. Obtain high quality instruction in chemistry as a scientific discipline.
  2. Obtain a sound background in preparation for advanced studies.
  3. Meet the qualifications of professional chemists and accrediting agencies.
  4. Prepare for a professional career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, medical technology, engineering, nursing and other fields.

Honors, Research, and Special Programs in Chemistry:
The department offers a number of unique enrichment programs outside the above curricula that are open to students in either degree program. All entering students in chemistry should contact either the department office or their advisor for full details.

High School Preparation:
High school students planning to major in chemistry are advised to take one year of high school chemistry, one year of high school physics, and at least three years of high school mathematics (including geometry, algebra, and trigonometry).

The curriculum and facilities of the Marshall University Department of Chemistry have been approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

Degree Requirements & Descriptions

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, ACS Certified
This curriculum meets the standards of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is recommended for students intending to enter the chemical profession or intending to pursue graduate work in chemistry. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the BS in Chemistry degree will receive a certificate from the American Chemical Society indicating their degree meets the standards of the Committee on Professional Training. If the student takes Chemistry 423 (Environmental Analytical Chemistry) and Geology 420 (Geochemistry) as electives in the BS in Chemistry program, the American Chemical Society certification will reflect this as a certification of a BS in Environmental Chemistry.

Chemistry – ACS Certified requirements
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Sciences
This major in chemistry is intended for students needing a broadly based, flexible science background.

Chemistry requirements
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Students completing the Biochemistry major will be prepared for career opportunities in the biotechnology, forensics, environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and medical fields. Students will also be well prepared for graduate-level study in biochemistry, biotechnology, and genetics and molecular biology. Additionally, Biochemistry is an excellent choice for students desiring to attend professional training in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law or Engineering.

Biochemistry requirements
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry
This major is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in fields involving forensics. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in a Forensic Chemistry related Capstone Experience (CHM 491).

Forensic Chemistry requirements
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry
Students completing the environmental chemistry major will be prepared for career opportunities in environmental chemistry, toxicology, environmental policy, and consulting. Additionally, Environmental Chemistry is an excellent choice for students desiring to attend professional training in Law, or Safety, or Industrial Hygiene.

Environmental Chemistry requirements

Other Requirements
Grade Point Average:
A Grade Point Average of 2.0 in

  1. all required Chemistry courses;
  2. all Chemistry courses; and
  3. all required Chemistry courses taken at Marshall will be required for all degrees.

Computer Skills:
Students in either degree program are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the use of computers in chemical applications. This requirement may be met by either passing an exemption exam (given by the department each semester) or by taking CHM 223 or by taking a programming course for a scientifically useful computer language. Any student who fails to pass the exemption exam on the second attempt will be required to fulfill the requirement by completing CHM 223 or an appropriate programming course.

Minor in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry awards a minor in chemistry to students who have completed the following courses with a minimum grade of C in each course: CHM 211, 212, 217, 218, and any two additional courses chosen from CHM 307, 345, 355, 356, 357, 358, or 448.


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