Faculty Research Interests

Below are Biological Sciences faculty members who are accepting students into their labs. Please contact those whose work you find interesting to discuss potential positions.

Dr. Antonsen’s research interests include neurophysiology and neuroethology.
E-mail: antonsenb@marshall.edu
Office: Science 398
Phone: 304-696-6496

Dr. Axel’s research interests include landscape ecology (especially of tropical dry forests), remote sensing and GIS analysis, and soundscape ecology.
E-mail: axel@marshall.edu
Office: Science 260
Phone: 304-696-2426

Dr. Chirchir’s research interests include biological anthropology and evolution of human skeletal anatomy.
Office: Science 279B
Phone: 304-696-3632

Dr. Fet’s research interests include evolution, and the biogeography and taxonomy of arthropods.
E-mail: fet@marshall.edu
Office: Science 206
Phone: 304-696-3116

Dr. Georgel’s research interests include the regulation of gene expression and epigenetics.
E-mail: georgel@marshall.edu
Office: BBSC 241P
Phone: 304-696-3965

David Mallory
Dr. Mallory ’s research interests include neural/endocrine factors controlling secretion of LH and FSH, and anomalies in neural/endocrine function resulting from gestational ETOH exposure.
E-mail: mallory@marshall.edu
Office: Science 350
Phone: 304-696-2353

Dr. Mays’ research interests include phylogeography, systematics, biogeography, behavior, genomics and molecular evolution especially in the birds of East Asia and North America.
E-mail: maysh@marshall.edu
Office: Science 390
Phone: 304-696-6692

Dr. Mosher’s research interests include aquatic microbial ecology, biogeochemistry and bioremediation.
E-mail: mosher@marshall.edu
Office: Science 302
Phone: 304-696-3637

Dr. O’Keefe’s research interests include vertebrate paleobiology and macroevolution.
E-mail: okeefef@marshall.edu
Office: Science 267
Phone: 304-696-2427

Dr. Palmquist’s research interests include plant ecology, fire ecology, and climate change.
E-mail: palmquist@marshall.edu
Office: Science 302
Phone: 304-696-3987

Dr. Pauley’s research interests include herpetology.
E-mail: pauley@marshall.edu
Office: Science 386
Phone: 304-696-2376

Elmer Price
Elmer Price
Dr. Price’s research interests include stem cell therapeutics.
E-mail: pricee@marshall.edu
Office: Science 350
Phone: 304-696-3611


Dr. Schultz’s research interests include environmental metagenomics.
E-mail: schultzga@marshall.edu
Office: Science 309
Phone: 304-696-7057


Dr. Shakirov’s research interests include chromosome biology and biologically active plant metabolites.
E-mail: shakirov@marshall.edu
Office: BBSC 241M
Phone: 304-696-8840

Dr. Somerville’s research interests include environmental microbiology.
E-mail: somervil@marshall.edu
Office: Science 270
Phone: 304-696-2424

Dr. Spitzer’s research interests include modulation of neural stem cell differentiation.
E-mail: spitzern@marshall.edu
Office: Science 315 (inside S311A)
Phone: 304-696-7147

Dr. Strait’s research interests include paleontology.
E-mail: straitho@marshall.edu
Office: Science 274
Phone: 304-696-2425

Wendy Trzyna
Wendy Trzyna
Dr. Trzyna’s research interests include eukaryotic microbiology, and genomics.
E-mail: trzyna@marshall.edu
Office: Science 302
Phone: 304-696-6791

Dr. Valluri’s research interests include the cell-based production of bioproducts.
E-mail: valluri@marshall.edu
Office: Science 370
Phone: 304-696-2409

Dr. Waldron’s research interests include conservation biology and herpetology.
E-mail: waldron3@marshall.edu
Office: Science 326
Phone: 304-696-3361

Dr. Welch’s research interests include ecology, fisheries, and wildlife biology.
E-mail: welchsh@marshall.edu
Office: Science 120
Phone: 304-696-6111

Dr. Zhu’s research interests include mammalian fertilization.
E-mail: zhu4@marshall.edu
Office: Science 394
Phone: 304-696-2429