Marshall University’s Department of Biological Sciences is committed to teaching its students about the science of life.  Our department offers specializations in biomedical sciences, cell, molecular and medical biology, ecology and evolutionary biology and microbiology. These programs have been designed to prepare students who are seeking careers in the life sciences or those who wish to attend graduate school and medical, dental, or other health professions programs.

Thanks to our dedicated faculty and staff, Marshall’s biology programs are led by the finest academic leaders who share varied research interests in the field.  Our professors offer challenging course curriculum to enhance educational opportunities for each of our students. We take tremendous pride in the individual and collaborative research projects available for those who pursue degrees in our department.

Our students can anticipate a diverse classroom setting ranging from larger lecture environments to small group discussions and intensive laboratory-oriented courses.

Whether you’re interested in the molecular scale or the ecosystem, we know our department has a program that is perfect for you. We hope you’ll explore the pages on our website to find out more about Marshall University’s Department of Biological Sciences.

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