Graduate Assistantship

The department offers a limited number of graduate assistantships (GAs) to qualified and motivated master’s students. Students must have been accepted into the Department of Biological Sciences MS or MA program, or have submitted their application for admission to be considered for a BSC GA. Applications from students in other departments are occasionally considered if the available positions are not filled with BSC students. GAs include a stipend and a tuition waver.

Duties of departmental GAs include teaching labs, maintenance of collections, and other functions related to departmental life. The experience and training you receive as a GA will aid you in preparation for any type of scientific career. For example, the best way to become a good scientific communicator is to practice. Teaching labs gives you weekly practice that will lead to smoother and more coherent presentations, or job or professional school interviews.

To apply for a graduate assistantship, first submit your application for admission to the Biological Sciences masters program. Once this is done, complete the GA application on the human resources web site. Go to Human Resources – Job Opportunities, click on Graduate Assistantships, then search for openings in Biological Sciences.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the program or duties.

To receive full consideration, GA applications are due April 15 for a Fall Award and November 15 for a Spring Award.