Accelerated Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences

An Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Within 5 Years

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Undergraduates accepted to an Accelerated Master’s Degree program can begin taking master’s level classes while still in the undergraduate program. Up to 12 graduate credits can be used to fulfill requirements for both the undergraduate and the master’s degrees, effectively reducing the cost of, and time to, degree. Graduates of this program will be prepared for direct entry into the job market or continuation of graduate study towards an M.D. or Ph.D or other professional program.

A student can complete the bachelor’s degree in biological sciences by substituting twelve 500- and 600-level graduate credits (that will apply towards the master’s degree) for 12 hours of 400-level credits that were required at the undergraduate level. All BSC 400-level courses are co-listed as 500-level courses. In each area of emphasis, students may select 500-level electives in lieu of 400-level courses to satisfy the master’s degree. Alternately, a student who chooses not to pursue an area of emphasis may chose 500- or 600-level courses to satisfy credits that will apply to the master’s degree.

Eligibility Requirements for Accelerated Master’s Degree Program

  • completed at least 90 hours toward the bachelor’s degree;
  • at least a 3.30 overall undergraduate GPA;
  • at least a 3.30 GPA in the major;
  • minimum composite verbal and quantitative GRE test scores of 300;
  • three strong letters of recommendation.