Software for COS Students

Marshall University and the College of Science maintains agreements with various software publishers to provide software for its computer labs as well as for its faculty, staff, and students. Students currently enrolled in COS courses are eligible to receive licenses for a variety of software applications for installation on their personal computer at no cost. These licenses are for use in academic endeavors only. This includes many of the same applications used in COS courses.

Questions and Support

This page contains answers to many common questions regarding the software available through the College of Science. If you still have questions, you can ask your COS professor or contact the College of Science IT Center at Please include your Marshall username and your COS course(s) with your request.

Available Software

Microsoft Productivity Software



Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Education for Students is a Microsoft 365 plan that is available at no additional charge to current Marshall students, which allows students to install the latest version of Microsoft applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets. It includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage, managed by Marshall University, for schoolwork and homework. In addition, students can edit and collaborate using Microsoft 365 Online, Yammer, and SharePoint Sites.


Learn more about Marshall University's Microsoft 365 plan

Microsoft Developer Software


Visual Studio Enterprise
Windows Server
SQL Server


Each account is eligible to order only one (1) of each product offered. In cases where there are multiple versions of a given product (e.g. 32-bit and 64-bit versions), each user is typically eligible to order only one version of the product. A user’s eligibility for a version of a product can be viewed on the detail page for the product/version. Microsoft products can generally be kept as long as desired for academic or educational use.

Accessing the Software

When accessing the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching portal, students will need to sign in using their Marshall account. After logging in, the “Education | Get Started” panel will be displayed. Click on the “Software” heading in the left menu to view the full list of available software. The search box and filters directly above the software list can be used to narrow down the list. Note that the search box at the very top of the page in the blue bar will search the entire Microsoft Azure site.

Downloading the Software

Click on a software title to view a description of the software and options to download it. To download the software, click on the “Generate URL” button to create your unique URL to access the download. Once the URL is generated, copy the entire URL into your browser to start the download. For products that require a Product Key, there will be a “View Key” button to request one.


Access the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching portal

VMWare Virtualization Software


Workstation Pro


Following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare, Broadcom has announced that Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro will be available for free for personal use. This means that everyday users who want a virtual lab on their Mac, Windows or Linux computer can do so for free simply by registering and downloading the latest build.

Accessing the Software

Virtualization software is available through the Broadcom Support Portal. Anyone can register for a free account and must do so to access and download the software. License keys are no longer required for personal, educational, or research use.

  1. Go to the Broadcom Support Portal
  2. In the upper right corner, select “Register” to create an account or “Login” if you already have an account
  3. Once logged in, go back to the Support Portal if you are not redirected there
  4. Click on the “Software” drop-down to select the “VMWare Cloud Foundation” menu
  5. From that menu, click on the “My Downloads” link
  6. Use the search at the top of the software list to search for “Fusion” or “Workstation” depending on which software you need
  7. Click the product name (VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation Pro)
  8. Expand the appropriate “…for Personal Use” drop-down and select the relevant release
  9. Agree to the terms & conditions if required
  10. Click on the cloud icon to download


Visit the Broadcom Support Portal

Wolfram Mathematica Analytical Software


Mathematica Online


Each account is eligible to access the requested edition following approval of the request. License allocations will be reevaluated each semester. The College of Science reserves the right to revoke licenses to best facilitate the mission of the college. Classroom use will be prioritized.

Requesting the Software

To obtain a license of Mathematica or Mathematica Online, start by completing the Mathematica License Request form.

Request a Mathematica License

Accessing the Software

How to access the software depend on which kind of license you requested.

If you requested a Workstation license…
  1. If your request is approved by the COS IT Center, the COSITC staff will work on installing and licensing Mathematica on the computer(s) you indicated.
  2. COSITC staff will contact you via the provided email when the work is completed or to request additional information.
If you requested a Mathematica Online license…
  1. If your request is approved by the COS IT Center, you will receive an email from Wolfram Customer Support ( with the subject, “Your access to Mathematica | Online Comprehensive Site”.
  2. Follow your individualized link in the email to sign in and complete activation.
    Note that you must login using a Wolfram ID and not the Marshall University single sign-on.
  3. Within the box for “Mathematica | Online Comprehensive Site”, click on the Register button.
  4. Complete the registration form and submit.
  5. To access the product, click on the Go to Product button or visit
If you requested a Home Use license…
  1. If your request is approved by the COS IT Center, you will receive an email from Wolfram Research Customer Service ( with the subject, “Your Mathematica home-use license order”. This is an intermediate notification email and does not require action. Your license information will come later.
  2. Within 48 hours of receiving the initial notification, your license information will come in another email from Wolfram Research Customer Service ( with a subject containing a case number and “Site Home Use Request”.
  3. Follow the instructions in the license email to register your activation key and download the software:
    1. Visit the Wolfram User Portal at
    2. Login using your Wolfram ID or create one (be sure to validate your account via the link sent to your email).
      Note that you must login using a Wolfram ID and not the Marshall University single sign-on.
    3. Open the Registration Form (, copy the Activation Key from your email into the form, and submit.
    4. Select your contact information or enter a new address and click “Finish”
    5. After completing registration, you will be on the Product Information page – product download links are at the bottom of this page.
      Note that the documentation is very large. We recommend the product with the web documentation – unless you have plenty of extra space and will use the documentation heavily and/or while offline.

Other Software




Learn About Oher Software Available at Marshall University