Faculty Research and Student Opportunities

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment is focused on student-centered learning and has many opportunities for lab and field experiences. Please contact faculty members to discuss specific projects and openings.

Mindy Armstead

Dr. Armstead’s research interests include assessing human impacts on rivers and streams. Ongoing projects include evaluating the impact of disturbance on headwater streams, assessing the influence of river dams on tributary flow and biotic communities, and determining factors contributing to large river algal blooms. Dr. Armstead is currently accepting both graduate and undergraduate students into her laboratory.

Mindy Armstead
NRES Chair & Professor
Location: WAEC 2223
Telephone: 304-696-2923
E-mail: m.armstead@marshall.edu

Tom Jones

Dr. Jone’s research interests include aquatic ecology/assessment including big river fishes/mussels communities, rare/endangered species conservation, and the impacts of invasive species. Dr. Jones has over thirty years of experience in aquatic assessment in streams, rivers, wetlands, and kart systems. Recent projects include. 1. Assessment of Bighead and Silver Carp in the Greenup Pool of the Ohio River. 2. A randomized survey of the mussels of the Greenup Pool of the Ohio River. 3. The development of a survey protocol for large aquatic salamanders in the Greenup Pool of The Ohio River. 4. The use of rock faces by overwintering bats in VA. 5. A novel technique to survey/monitoring of bumblebees. 6. A randomized mussel survey of the RC Bryd Pool of the Ohio River. 7. The distribution and enumeration of micro-plastics in two pools of the Ohio River. 8. The fish communities in various habitats within Greenbottom Swamp and how seasonal flooding impacts those communities. Dr. Jones has supervised large numbers of undergraduate senior projects and over 30 graduate students.

Tom Jones
Associate Professor
Location: ML 115
Telephone: 304-696-6305
E-mail: jonest@marshall.edu

Rick Gage

Dr. Gage’s research interests include 1) Campus Sustainability, 2) Sustainable Tourism, 3) Community Engagement, 4) and the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources.

Rick Gage
Assistant Professor
Location: ML 105
Telephone: 304-696-2244
E-mail: gager@marshall.edu

Min Kook Kim

Dr. Kim’s research interests include 1) park/protected area management, 2) natural resource management/conservation, and 3) geospatial technology (GIS, remote sensing, spatial statistics, visualization).

Min Kook Kim
Associate Professor
Location: ML 109
Telephone: 304-696-3748
E-mail: kimm@marshall.edu