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Natural Resources and the Environment offers degree programs in Environmental Science and Natural Resources & Recreation Management.

Environmental Science

Graduates in Environmental Science will take advantage of the widespread opportunities provided by our society’s preservation and regulatory interests. Environmental students have the opportunity to use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to map features of ecosystems ranging from forests to wetlands. Students also learn the essentials of database management and develop an expertise in Geographic Information Systems software used to view and manage an array of digital maps, images, and features.

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Natural Resources and Recreation Management

Natural Resources and Recreation Management (NRRM) students will be prepared for professional careers in natural resources recreation through the study of environmental science, technology, social science, and traditional recreation concepts and ideas. Graduates from Natural Resources and Recreation Management will differ from their colleagues of other institutions through their education in Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), basic computer programming, technological instrumentation training, and the application of statistics and additional mathematics through real world settings. The skills will present countless advantages to you as you pursue either your career or graduate education.

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Specialty Agriculture

The bachelor’s degree in Specialty Agriculture will provide educational opportunities in agriculture, agribusiness, and agritourism, will cover both traditional and sustainable agricultural sciences, and will emphasize new and emerging technologies for high yield and specialty agriculture that will improve agribusiness outcomes for smaller farms that are characteristic of the region.

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