Minor in Environmental Science

With global attention focused on environmental sustainability and limited natural resources, many students are interested in learning more about environmental science and pending environmental issues. A minor in Environmental Science at Marshall University offers foundational understanding of major concepts in ecosystem structure and function and impacts from human activity. This minor allows students with interest in the field to apply the concepts in other disciplines, such as journalism, art or criminal justice. It will also provide an opportunity for those not working in the area to better understand ongoing discussions on climate change and sustainability.

A growing global population and finite resources make now the time that everyone needs to be informed on environmental issues and integrating sustainability into their personal and professional lifestyles. With more knowledge, we are more likely to make informed decisions and create a sustainable future. Our minor in Environmental Science expands our service to the university and the region.

How Can I Minor in Environmental Science at Marshall University?

A Minor in Environmental Science requires 17 – 19 hours of environmental science credits covering major topics in the field. All students must take NRE 320 Environmental Problems, NRE 322 Aquatic Assessment, and NRE 323 Terrestrial Assessment. In addition, students will then complete two additional electives with guidance by NRE faculty. By covering the major topics and helping students to select two courses that suit their interests, we help students to apply the foundational knowledge in other fields, like journalism, political science, and marketing.

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