About the College of Science

40Degrees Offered

The College of Science was established in 1976 and is composed of ten departments within four schools: School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, School of Forensic and Criminal Justice Sciences, School of Mathematics and Applied Informatics, and School of Physical Sciences. While the College of Science Dean’s Office is located in Science Building 270, the college operates out of several buildings including the Science Building, Morrow Library, and Smith Hall. Some lecture and laboratory classes and faculty offices also are in the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center and the Weisberg Applied Engineering Complex.

Mission Statement

Scientific and technologically trained people are essential to our nation’s health and prosperity in a rapidly expanding global economy. Students majoring in baccalaureate degree programs in the College of Science receive a broad education conducive to pursuing a wide range of career options. Course requirements include solid grounding in the student’s chosen area of scientific interest along with studies in humanities and the social sciences. Students receive instruction in a learning environment that encourages competency in written and oral communication skills along with the ability to work in groups. Special emphasis is placed on experiential learning through participation in activities such as undergraduate research and internships. For non-science majors, departments in the College of Science offer a series of courses which focus on enhancing science literacy through instruction in integrated science and practical applications of mathematics.


School of Biological & Environmental Sciences

The School of Biological and Environmental Sciences (SBES) is committed to teaching students about the science of life from molecular to population scales, and all of the myriad interactions between living and non-living parts of our world.

School of Forensic & Criminal Justice Sciences

The School of Forensic & Criminal Justice Sciences (SFCJS) unites the nation’s foremost master’s program in Forensic Science with well-established undergraduate and graduate majors in Criminal Justice, and rapidly-growing undergraduate and graduate studies in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance.

School of Mathematics & Applied Informatics

The School of Mathematics and Applied Informatics (SMAI) offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the departments of Mathematics and Computer and Information Technology (CIT).

School of Physical Sciences

The School of Physical Sciences (SPS) includes the departments of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. All three departments offer classes with expert faculty complemented by hands on experience in the laboratory or field.


Contact the College of Science

Have a question about the College of Science? You can reach us at cos@marshall.edu or 304-696-2372.

Seeking academic information? Contact the advisors at the college’s Office of Student Services.

Seeking a career in healthcare? Contact the advisors of the college’s Pre-Professional Healthcare Studies.

Have questions pertaining to a particular department? Contact the appropriate department office.