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Program Overview

Statistics is the science and art of learning from data. It is an area of science that involves the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as appropriate communication and presentation of data-driven results. The field of statistics provides useful critical-thinking techniques and procedures for evaluating ideas and discovering the world around us.

The study and practice of statistics can be very exciting—and enable you to work in so many diverse settings, including supporting research to make medicine more effective; analyzing information from space on continuous changes in global climatic weather; working at social network sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn; or helping to protect endangered species. The ways in which statisticians make the world a better place are vast. Diverse and numerous amounts of data are collected continually and everywhere—and you can be part of how this information is used throughout our world.

Statistics can be applied to a vast number of fields and issues, ranging from the environment and public safety to healthcare and sports. According to the American Statistical Association, statistician was ranked the best business job, and the second-best job in America, by U.S. News & World Report in January 2019.

Earning your Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Statistics at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, will prepare you for exciting and challenging careers, with among the fastest-growing and top-paying jobs in the country.

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Featured Courses
MTH 229 - Calculus, Analytical Geometry 
An introduction to calculus and analytic geometry, emphasizing critical thinking. Limits, derivatives, and integrals of the elementary functions of one variable, including transcendental functions.
MTH 300 - Intro to Higher Math 
A transition between elementary calculus and higher mathematics with emphasis on techniques of proofs.
STA 413 - Experimental Designs 
Analysis of variance an covariance models with derivations using calculus; detailed testing of model assumptions and remedial measures (as transformations) to yield adequate models; use of various statistical designs.
Program Highlights
Why Study at Marshall?

Our B.S. program in Statistics has a strong background in Mathematics, with diverse and well-structured courses in Statistics that also prepare you for advanced degrees in mathematical and statistical sciences.

Our Department has award-winning faculty who continue to make significant contributions in the fields of mathematics and statistics. Average class sizes are small, providing a closer interaction between faculty and students.

Research Opportunities 

The Differential Analyzer Laboratory has several ongoing student research projects.

The Mathematical Biology research group is actively studying the spread and control of influenza using discrete mathematical modeling. Funded by an NSF grant.

Student projects funded by the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant program and the NASA West Virginia Space Grant Undergraduate Fellowship Program.

A PIC Math grant to facilitate applied student research projects. The department offers courses in which teams of students serve a mathematical consultants for local governments and organizations.

Special Programming

Each semester, the Department of Mathematics offers Math Colloquium talks on a variety of mathematical topics.

The department’s Advanced Research Initiative series features distinguished guest speakers who also meet and talk with undergraduate and graduate students.

Career Opportunities
Opportunities for Statistics, B.S. graduates include work in settings such as:
  • Engineering, industry, banking / finance and actuarial positions
  • Secondary education
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare industry
  • Government agencies such as the National Security Agency and federal research laboratories
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