Board of Governors Policies

Board Policies are sequentially numbered and grouped by area:

AA – Academic Affairs
Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG AA-1 Sabbatical Leave 11/13/02
MUBOG AA-2 Faculty Development 11/13/02
MUBOG AA-3 Reduced Tuition for Persons 65 and Over 11/13/02
MUBOG AA-4 Measles and Rubella Immunization Policy 01/22/03
MUBOG AA-5 Rule on Adjunct Faculty (4-Year Colleges) 03/23/04
MUBOG AA-6 Awarding of Undergraduate and Graduate Fee Waivers – Revised 06/28/06
MUBOG AA-7 Salary Increases for Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty 07/01/14
MUBOG AA-8 Distribution of General Faculty Salary Inc Funds (Four-year;FY2005 only) 07/01/04
MUBOG AA-9 Credit for Service in the Public Schools 03/09/05
MUBOG AA-10 Faculty and Administrative Productivity 05/11/05
MUBOG AA-11 Appropriate Use of ID Numbers 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-12 Academic Dishonesty 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-13 Class Attendance 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-14 Course Syllabus- Amended 10/07/14
MUBOG AA-15 Course Withdrawal 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-16 Freshman Midterm D & F Grades 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-17 University Textbooks (amended) 12/09/10
MUBOG AA-18 Equivalencies for College Teaching 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-19 Joint Teaching Appointment within the Institution 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-20 Graduate Faculty Membership 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-21 Faculty Workload 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-22 Annual Evaluation of Faculty 07/01/14
MUBOG AA-23 Temporary Faculty Annual Reports and Years Applied Toward Tenure 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-24 Course Evaluations 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-25 Personnel Records 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-26 Faculty Promotion 07/01/14
MUBOG AA-26X Faculty Promotion 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-28 Faculty Tenure 07/01/14
MUBOG AA-28X Faculty Tenure 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-29 Principal Investigator Salary Payments 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-30 Tutoring of Students by Faculty 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-31 Emeritus Status of Retired Professionals 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-32 Termination of Faculty due to Program Reduction or Discontinuance 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-33 Plan for Meeting Financial Exigency 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-34 Commencement 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-35 Faculty Absences 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-36 Political Activities 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-37 Teaching and Administration 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-38 Selection, Role, and Evaluation of Department Chairs 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-39 Selection and Evaluation of Faculty Deans 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-40 Faculty Compensation from Grants and Contracts 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-41 Individual Conflict of Interest in Research 09/30/13
MUBOG AA-42 Employee Dependent Undergraduate Tuition Assistance Program 04/30/09
MUBOG AA-43 Modified Duties for Nine-Month Faculty 12/15/09
MUBOG AA-44 Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research 09/30/13
MUBOG AA-45 Salary Increases for Library and Clinical Faculty 07/01/14
FA – Financial Affairs
Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG FA-1 Waiver of Regular Fees for Third-Party Sponsored Courses 01/23/02
MUBOG FA-2 Travel – Amended 06/14/11
MUBOG FA-3 Credit Card Solicitation 09/18/02
MUBOG FA-4 Policies on Use of Institutional Facilities 11/13/02
MUBOG FA-5 Disposition of Surplus Property 04/22/10
MUBOG FA-6 Classified Employee Salary Policy 10/30/2013
MUBOG FA-7 Salary Supplements for Marshall University Employees From Non-State Sources 03/08/06
MUBOG FA-8 Investment Policy (amended) 10/18/11
MUBOG FA-9 Purchasing Policy 6/12/15
MUBOG FA–10 Assessment, Collection, and Refund of Student Tuition and Fees 6/18/2012
MUBOG FA–11 Capital Project Management 06/28/06
MUBOG FA–12 Identity Theft Prevention Program 04/30/09
GA – General Administration
Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG GA-1 Sexual Harassment 11/13/02
MUBOG GA-2 Alcoholic Beverages on the Campuses 11/13/02
MUBOG GA-3 Social Justice 11/13/02
MUBOG GA-4 Intellectual Property Policy 3/10/04
MUBOG GA-5 Organization Structure of the Board 12/19/06
MUBOG GA-6 Speed, Flow, and Parking of Vehicles on Campus 03/09/05
MUBOG GA-7 Intercollegiate Athletics 11/09/05
MUBOG GA-8 Tobacco Policy 7/1/13
MUBOG GA-9 Policy Regarding Weather-Related and/or Emergency Closings and Delays 6/11/13
MUBOG GA-10 Naming of Units and Facilities 02/06/06
MUBOG GA-11 Policy on Rulemaking 04/18/13
MUBOG GA-12 General Conflict of Interest 10/12/06
MUBOG GA-13 Whistleblower Policy 10/12/06
MUBOG GA-14 Record Retention Policy 10/30/12
MUBOG GA-15 Animals on Campus 07/29/14
MUBOG GA-16 Student Sexual Misconduct Policy 08/14/12
HR – Human Resources
Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG HR-1 Policy Regarding Staff Development 11/13/02
MUBOG HR-2 Review of Part-Time Classified Positions 11/12/03
MUBOG HR-3 Employee Catastrophic Leave Policy 03/09/05
MUBOG HR-4 Work Schedules and Employment Innovations 07/25/05
MUBOG HR-5 Four-Part Progressive Counseling (amended) 01/12/09
MUBOG HR-6 Telecommuting 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-7 Payroll Reassignments – Leave Deficits 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-8 Employee Solicitation and Outside Businesses 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-9 Classified/Nonclassified Employment Appointments in December 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-10 Employee Infractions 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-12 Performance Assessment, Classified, and Nonclassified Employees 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-13 Classified Recruiting 03/08/06
MUBOG HR-14 Background Checks 11/1/07
IT – Information Technology
Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG IT-1 Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy (revised) 12/13/12
MUBOG IT-2 Information Security Policy  (amended) 10/21/10
MUBOG IT-3 Electronic Communications Policy 12/13/11
MUBOG IT-4 Program for the Disposition of Surplus Computers 06/01/15
MUBOG IT-5 Distance Education 07/12/13
SA – Student Affairs
Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG SA-1 Student Rights and Responsibilities 01/22/03
MUBOG SA-2 Student Academic Rights 01/22/03
MUBOG SA-3 Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities 01/05/15
MUBOG SA-4 President’s Emergency Authority 06/28/06
MUBOG SA-5 Directory Information 01/15/14