Resolution Regarding Delegation of Authority to the Marshall University President:

Delegation of Authority to MU President

Guide for renaming and renumbering of MUBOG rules and university policies

Rules, Policies, and Procedures Under Review and Open for Comment

Board of Governors Rules

University Policies

Number Name Effective Date
UPAA-1 Academic Dishonesty 07/28/2023
UPAA-2 Class Attendance 10/15/2019
UPAA-3 Course Syllabus Policy 08/01/2019
UPAA-4 Course Withdrawal 07/26/2022
UPAA-5 Freshman D and F Grades 08/01/2019
UPAA-6 Distance Education 06/06/2022
UPAA-7 Credit for Service in Public-Schools 10/15/2019
UPAA-8 Equivalencies for College Teaching 09/28/2020
UPAA-9 Course Evaluations 05/28/2019
UPAA-10 Commencement 10/15/2019
UPAA-11 Personnel Records 05/28/2019
UPAA-12 Teaching and Administration 09/28/2020
UPAA-13 Graduate Faculty Membership 05/26/2023
UPAA-14 Rule on Adjunct Faculty 12/03/2019
UPAA-15 Faculty Salary Increases 07/27/2021
UPAA-16 Salary Increases for Library and Clinical Faculty 07/27/2021
UPAA-17 Faculty Compensation from Grants and Contracts 08/01/2019
UPAA-18 Faculty Development 08/01/2019
UPAA-19 Faculty Absences 05/28/2019
UPAA-20 Faculty Workload 10/28/2021
UPAA-21 Modified Duties for Nine Month Faculty 12/03/2019
UPAA-22 Annual Evaluation of Faculty 06/08/2021
UPAA-23- Joint Teaching Appointments within the Institution 03/08/2006
UPAA-24 Temporary Faculty Annual Reports and Years Applied Toward Tenure 03/08/2006
UPAA-25 Tutoring of Students by Faculty 05/28/2019
UPAA-26- Selection Role Evaluation of Department Chair 12/03/2019
UPAA-27 Selection and Evaluation of Faculty Deans 08/01/2019
UPAA-28 Principal Investigator Salary Payments 03/08/2006
UPAA-29 University Textbooks 12/09/2010
UPAA-30 Appropriate Use of ID Numbers 10/15/2019
UPAA-31 Electronic Records Management Policy 03/24/2020

University Administrative Procedures

Number Name Effective Date
FIN-1 University Travel 08/10/2022
Number Name Effective Date
ITP-3 Technology Governance and Procurement Review 03/27/2024