Admission Requirements

The Department of Communication Disorders at Marshall University is participating in the central application system known as CSDCAS. Applicants will apply online using the CSDCAS application. To learn more about the CSDCAS application process, visit here.

In addition, applicants must also meet the requirements below. All application materials, except transcripts must be received by January 15. Transcripts must be received by CSDCAS by February 1st.

  1. An undergraduate degree (or pending degree) in Communication Disorders from an accredited institution is required. Students with deficits in undergraduate coursework, or those wishing public school certification, may need to complete additional requirements. Applicants must submit their most recent transcript, including grades for the fall semester that precedes the application deadline. Grades from the fall semester that precedes the application deadline may be submitted via an official or unofficial transcript, as official transcripts may not be available by the application deadline. If you will be taking Communication Disorders coursework after the date in which your transcript was submitted, provide this information, including course title(s), in your personal statement. Students admitted to the graduate program will be required to submit final transcripts following completion of the undergraduate degree.
  2. An Overall and Communication Disorders Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 is required for full-time admission. A student may be admitted for provisional enrollment with an Overall or Communication Disorders GPA between 2.5 – 3.0 when the applicant possesses a degree and shows academic promise, but does not meet the criteria for full admission. Refer to the Graduate College for further explanation of “provisional enrollment.”
  3. All students must submit GRE Scores: (within the last 5 years). GRE reporting code for the Marshall University department of Communication Disorders is 7161.
  4. All students must submit a personal statement or letter of intent.
  5. All students must submit three letters of recommendation from individuals who can comment on the applicant’s academic and/or clinical performance and potential. At least one letter must be from one of the applicant’s classroom instructors in communication disorders.
  • All completed applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis in the spring semester each year.
  • Students admitted to the program who fail to enroll in the fall semester, as well as students already in the program who fail to enroll for a semester without prior permission from their academic advisor, are considered withdrawn from the program and not eligible for future enrollment.

NOTE: Applicants who are accepted to the graduate program will be simultaneously admitted as students in the Graduate College.

  • International applicants will be required to submit an official TOEFL score in addition to the other requirements described for consideration.
  • The minimum TOEFL scores to be considered for admission must be a Total Score of 89 with the minimum section requirement of "Speaking" of 26. International applicants will have to complete their credential evaluation at an approved agency to prove that their education is equivalent to the U.S. undergraduate education. Documentation will need to be submitted with the application through CSDCAS.

International Students: Please visit here for more information and follow the instructions on the Web site of the Marshall University Graduate College.


Student Admission Data


Average 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Verbal GRE 149.8 149.1 149.6 150 150 149 150
Quant. GRE 148.1 147.3 148.4 147 146 147 145
Analytic Writing 4.05 3.8 4.0 4.0 3.9 3.80 3.80
GPA (overall) 3.73 3.79 3.76 3.72 3.64 3.69 3.59
GPA (CD)* 3.79 3.82 3.84 3.70 3.70 3.77 3.73


* Students with a degree in other fields are encouraged to apply to the program. The CD GPA may not be applicable for this student.

Average 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
# Applications 185 154 260 188 180 124 97
# Admitted 64 53 62 56 54 45 35
Class Size 35 29 32 30 27 21 19

Prerequisite Courses for Prospective Students

Students with undergraduate degrees in a field other than communication disorders will be required to take foundational courses. Application to the graduate program will vary depending on individual student needs. The program plan is developed in consultation with a designated department advisor.

  • Courses typically required prior to admission: CD 228, 229, 239, 241, 427, 460 and 470. If admitted, additional foundational courses may be required within the graduate plan of study.

Questions related to graduate admission in speech-language pathology may be directed to Kelly Harlow, MA (Chair of Graduate Admissions) at or Pam Holland (Chair of the Department)