Post Baccalaureate / Leveling Up Program

Students with undergraduate degrees in a field other than communication disorders will be required to take foundational courses prior to applying to graduate school. Application to the graduate program will vary depending on individual student needs. The program plan is developed in consultation with a designated department advisor. Please contact Pam Holland if you have questions about this program. (; 304-696-2985)

Courses in this program include:

  • CD 101: Introduction to Communication Disorders (offered Spring and Fall)
  • CD 228: Language and Speech Development (offered Spring and Fall)
  • CD 239: Phonetics (offered Spring and Fall)
  • CD 229: Anatomy/Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mech. (offered Spring and Fall)
  • CD322: Developmental Speech Disorders
  • CD 328: Developmental Language Disorders
  • CD 460/560: Basic Audiology (offered Spring)
  • CD 427/527: Therapeutic Procedures with observation hours (offered Spring)

In addition to enrolling in the CD courses above, students will also be required to enroll in the following courses to ensure they meet the ASHA 2020 Standards for Certification

  • Biological Science
  • Physical science: physics or chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Social/behavioral science

For students in the leveling up program to be eligible for teaching certification, they must also meet the following, non-CD certification requirements. These courses can be taken prior to admission to the graduate program or concurrently.

  • EDF 201
  • CISP 421/521

Students enrolled in the post-baccalaureate / leveling up program must meet the academic standards as stated in the admission policy and complete all other application requirements.