Virtual Department Tour – Marshall University Communication Disorders

Welcome to the Department of Communication Disorders, where our focus is on helping people from childhood to adulthood, better communicate! When we team our esteemed faculty with elite students like you, we better help our region better communicate no matter their circumstances!

Financial Aid & Assistantships

10 or 20 hr/wk
Waiver – 35% for 10 hrs, 70% for 20 hrs


  • Provide support to faculty members within the Speech and Hearing Center
  • Assist faculty with specialty clinics (ALS, LOUD Crowd, Feeding Clinic, Voice and Swallowing, ASD)
  • Assist faculty with teaching undergraduate classes or scholarly research
  • Assist with community service, dept administrative duties & recruitment efforts

10 or 20 hr/wk
Waiver – 35% for 10 hrs, 70% for 20 hrs


  • Provide support to the clinical office manager and supervisors within the Speech and Hearing Center.
  • Welcome clients & complete patient registration
  • File, fax & maintain cleanliness of clinic
  • Send and retrieving campus mail  & answer phone professionally
  • Accept client referrals, assist with invoicing & request orders

10 hr/wk
Waiver – 35% for 10 hrs


  • Prepare materials for pre-school classroom
  • Attend WV Legislature events on behalf of the L
  • Provide classroom support and assist with fundraising and planning for gala

10 or 20 hr/wk
Waiver – 35% for 10 hrs, 70% for 20 hrs

The graduate student should possess a strong academic record as well as an interest in voice and/or the singing voice. The student should be able to work independently as well as cooperatively across disciplines and have strong interpersonal and presentation skills.


  • Coordinate, prepare, and participate in educational opportunities for faculty and students in the Arts.
  • Work under the supervision of faculty to provide preventative and rehabilitative care for students with vocal concerns.
  • Coordinate, schedule, and conduct annual voice screenings of.
  • Participate in research efforts.
  • Responsible for running and upkeep of the Voice Lab.

20 hr/wk
Waiver – 100%


CD 461 

  • Teach and manage the CD 461 (Sign Language for SLP) course:
    • Plan, create and deliver lectures and course material
    • Formulate rubrics, tests, quizzes, and assignments
    • Administer and grade tests, quizzes, & assignments
    • Answer student questions and emails
  • Assist a professor in the department with grading, planning, and managing one lab course each semester

CD 370L  

  • Assist professor with scheduling and act as liaison between professor and site
  • Complete all other duties as assigned by professor

CD 470L   

  • Verify hours on CALIPSO for accuracy
  • Verify the number of journals corresponds with the number of entries on time log.
  • Read student journals and provide feedback
  • Verify specialty observations

10 or 20 hr/wk
Waiver – 35% for 10 hrs, 70% for 20 hrs


  • Enter data for faculty research projects
  • Read literature and providing written summaries
  • Complete interviews or testing specific to faculty research
  • Travel to research sites as needed

Students in the Communication Disorders department are eligible to apply for the following scholarships. Students will be notified by the chair of the department when the program is accepting applications. The following three scholarships are typically open for students to begin applying in the spring semester.  


1.       The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Foundation Scholarship established by the West Virginia Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Foundation, Inc   

2.       The Stephanie Dyer Memorial Scholarship established by the Dyer family 

3.       West Virginia Speech, Language and Hearing Association Scholarship 
Additional scholarships are awarded annually to students following faculty recommendation:  

4.       The Kristin McComis Parsons Memorial Scholarship was established by LinguaCare Associates, Inc. This is a $1000-3000 scholarship which is awarded to a second-year student and chosen by the Chair of the Department.  

5.       Frazier Family Scholarship. This is a $500.00 scholarship which is awarded to a second-year student. The awards are provided to students following faculty recommendation.  

6.       The Sally Garrett Walters memorial scholarship. This is awarded to a graduate student who is a resident of West Virginia, in financial need and in good academic standing.  

7.       The Becky and Rex Johnson SLP Scholarship. This is awarded to a student who attends Marshall University’s undergraduate program, is admitted to graduate school and is an Ohio resident with financial need. The amount of the scholarship is $1000.00 and is awarded in the students’ first semester of the graduate program.  

External scholarships opportunities are also available.

8.       Healthcare Education Assistance Scholarship for Undergraduate Students – Rivers Health Foundation. Requires residency in Mason County, West Virginia, Gallia County or Meigs County, Ohio. And a diploma from an accredited high school or the possession of a G.E.D. For more requirements.

Students may apply for financial support to travel to professional conferences, (i.e., WVSHA, ASHA). Students must submit the following 3-months prior to the date of the conference:  

o    Letter detailing the conference they wish to attend 

o    Budget detailing cost of conference, cost of hotel/housing, travel, and other expenditures.  

Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee and students will be notified of the amount awarded in writing. Awards will be determined on funding available.  

Students must provide a written summary of the sessions attended and 3-5 concepts they learned during conference attendance, and how they will utilize this information in the future. This summary is due one month following conference attendance. All students are also required to write a formal thank you note to Dan Garrett, the alumni who provides all financial support for this award. Information will be provided to all those awarded travel support. 

The WV Department of Education offers a Supplemental Funding Grant which provides a stipend to up to 5 graduate students  annually. The intent of this supplemental speech-language pathology funding is to provide a resource for county school districts to receive fully certified speech-language pathologists. Students who receive this stipend are committed to working in the WV schools for a period of one and a half years upon graduation, for each year the funding is accepted. Students must apply for this stipend by sending an email to the chair of the department indicating why they want to work in the WV schools.  

NOTE: Average scholarship awards are $5000-$8,000; however, award amounts will vary annually and will be based on the number of students who apply and continued support from the WVDE.  

For more information regarding other types of financial assistance, contact Marshall University financial aid office. https://www.marshall.edu/sfa/