Spring 2014 Calendar of Activities

Sponsored by I.A. and Other University Divisions



16   Friday      Presentation and Discussion with INTO students on the Civil Rights Era and MLK, Jr.

Conducted by Maurice Cooley, Assoc. V.P. Intercultural Affairs. INTO Center, 5 p.m.


20  Monday   MLK, Jr, March and Memorial Service, sponsored by NAACP. Students are strongly

encouraged to participate. Departure from Young Chapel A.M.E., Artisan Ave. 5 p.m.

Memorial Service at First Baptist Church, 801 6th Ave., following the “March”.


29   Wed.       The Brainstorm:  Student Conversations on Ethnicity, Culture, Race, Sexuality, Gender,

                       & Everything Else. A Brainstorm to generate topics for future “Campus

Conversations.” 7 p.m., Memorial Student Center, 2E28. Facilitated by Dr. Laura Diener and

Maurice Cooley.



4   Tuesday    “Amicus Curiae Lecture Series” topic:  Abraham Lincoln and C0nstitutional Optimism.

7 p.m. lecture by Prof. Brian Anderson, Anderson University @ MU Foundation Hall

Sponsored by the Center for Constitutional Democracy.


9   Sunday      Annual Soul Food Feast. Enjoy time with friends and community in an atmosphere of

fellowship, while enjoying traditional African American dishes. Memorial Student Center.

2 p.m., John Marshall Dining Room. $15 Adults/$7 Students.


12   Wed        National Endowment for the Humanities Film Series I: “The Loving Story”, a 1958 Supreme

Court case, Loving v Virginia, interracial marriage. 6 p.m., Drinko Library Auditorium.


14   Friday     Valentine’s Day Candy Grams by Black United Student Social Club. All Day!! Visit the

Center for African American Students for information or membership.

19   Wed        National Endowment for the Humanities Film Series II:  “Freedom Riders”, a documentary

offering an inside look at the brave band of activists that challenged segregation in the
Deep South. 6 p.m., Drinko Library Auditorium.


26   Wed        National Endowment for the Humanities Film Series Discussion and Reception. Film clips of

“The Loving Story “and “Freedom Riders”, followed by an insightful discussion

facilitated by Maurice Cooley, Assoc., V.P., Intercultural Affairs.  Refreshments. Free.



11   Tue         “Amicus Curiae Lecture Series” topic: Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration and Racial

                       Injustice in the U.S. by Senior Fellow and Prof. David Rudovsky, University of Pa. Law

School, 7 p.m., Foundation Hall. Sponsored by the Cnt. For Constitutional Democracy.


25   Tue         Celebration of National Women of Color Day Noon Luncheon and Keynote by Mitzi Sinnott,

writer, director, and playwright. Everyone is welcome!  Free. Memorial Student Center, Don

Morris Room.




         March 17-22, SPRING BREAK…DRIVE SAFELY



1   Tue        “Amicus Curiae Lecture Series” topic:  Creationism on Trial: Kitzmiller v Dover Area

                    School District, the 21st Century Monkey Trial by Eric Rothschild, Lawyer, Pepper

Hamilton Law Firm, Philadelphia, Pa. 7 p.m. MU Foundation Hall.

Sponsored by the MU Center for Constitutional Democracy.



1  Thur       Donning of Kente. Annual Celebration of Achievement for African and African American

graduates, based upon a pre-16th Century tradition of the Kente Cloth. All students, faculty,

staff and community are welcome to attend. 5 p.m. Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center.


2  Friday     Black United Student Social Club, End of the Year Barbeque. Buskirk Field. All Afternoon.