Fall Admissions

The Admissions Committee is currently considering applications on a “rolling basis”.  Please contact us for pre-admission advising if we may assist in your study planning.  Those seeking graduate assistant positions should apply as early as possible for best consideration (we anticipate those awards will be finalized in May).  Outstanding applicants with significant laboratory experience or MIS/quantitative skills are especially encouraged to apply for support, as we anticipate additional positions in these areas.

Fall Term Schedule

Our on-line GPPH Course Schedule – Fall 2015.

COHP Research and Practice Day 2015

This annual event expanded to a full day, encompassing 47 research and practice presentations.

Awards for outstanding work were made as follows:

  • Undergraduate Practice (Tie):  Monica Rahall, “Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome in Athletes” / Tayler Aab and Meagan Mahaffey, “Music Therapy and Preoperative and Postoperative Anxiety in Surgical Patients”
  • Undergraduate Research:  Ateeq Chaudhry, Kimberly Di, Erin Pemberton, and Molly Weaver, “The Effect of Repeated Overhead Arm Motions on Scapular Kinematics and Subacromial Space Outlet Width”
  • Graduate Research:  Adam Riffle, Zachary Fisher, and Jared Matlick, “Benefits of Home versus Institution-based Physical Therapy Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Intervention Studies”.