MPH study for health practitioners

  • For those considering dual degree study such as MD-MPH or PharmD-MPH, the addition of the MPH degree is an increasingly popular option.  However, the cost of MPH training can exceed $70,000…a daunting figure for many health professions students. Public health education offers critically valuable training for practitioners…especially at a time when our health system is undergoing sweeping changes.  Yet the cost and scheduling cannot be prohibitive.
  • At Marshall, we are not only offering innovative curriculum and training, but structuring our programs to make them accessible and affordable.  For example, classes are primarily offered at reasonable evening hours.  Costs can be modest as well (see our budget projection).  Adding the MPH to MD study at Marshall increases tuition costs just about 11.5% over pursuing the MD alone.  Study can also be completed without extending the duration of one’s graduate study. Contact us for more information.

MPH Applicant News

  • Fall Admission.  We are continuing with admissions decisions. Please note that student applicants seeking consideration for GA positions should have applications complete ASAP. GA applicants should be available for a telephone or Skype interview, so make sure that you will be reachable by email or telephone.
  • Spring Admissions.  We have received a number of inquiries regarding admission for Spring Term.  A Fall Term start is usually preferred as some foundational courses are taught that term (Intro to Public Health, Epidemiology, and Statistical Methods I).  However, second term coursework is not highly dependent on those courses (an exception being Statistical Methods II for REP majors).  Thus it is possible for many individuals to begin the MPH program in the spring, and that needn’t extend the total length of study, even in the REP concentration.
  • Confirmation.  If you have received notice of admission by the Graduate College, please keep an eye out for a confirmation letter from GPPH. We do request a confirmation of acceptance to hold a student’s admission.
  • Retreat.  Finally, newly-admitted students should note the dates for our student orientation and program retreat, on August 22 and 23rd, respectively.

Other News

  • The Byrd Bioscience lab is at last complete. As anyone who has undertaken the project of remodeling, equipping, testing and inspection of such a facility understands, this is a satisfying milestone. That said, we’ll undoubtedly add more equipment and capabilities…
  • Look for a new faculty announcement shortly. These will continue throughout the next 15 months as we reach a minimum of six dedicated Public Health faculty.
  • Dr. Pewen was awarded a summer research grant, ‘Analysis of Comparative Efficacy and Value of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in HIV Prevention’.