Cohort FAQs

For what will this degree prepare me?

This program is designed for individuals who aspire to leadership, faculty or administrative positions in institutions of higher education, public schools, and other education organizations, or individuals who wish to enhance their skills in curriculum, instruction, leadership and research.

How do I apply for admission into the program?

Applicants must provide the following documents, materials and information:

An application with the appropriate fee. The application can be found at Or call 304-746-8949 for a paper application

    • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate degrees.
    • Appropriate and acceptable test scores on the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) or the Millers Analogy Test (MAT)
    • An up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae
    • A goal statement
    • A writing sample
    • Three recommendation forms
    • An interview with program faculty

What are the criteria for admission?

Applicants must provide a complete application packet as listed above. Test scores on the GRE or MAT must be at or above the 60th percentile and no more than five years old. The writing sample must be assessed as acceptable or better. Finally, program faculty will examine the entire set of application materials including information and impressions from the interview with the applicant to determine admission of the applicant.

When will decisions be made about admission to the cohort?

Decisions will be made as soon as possible, and applicants will be notified of their status by June 24, 2011. Upon acceptance the student will be enrolled into the cohort classes. Payment for the fall term will be due around August 1, 2011.

What will be the cost of the program?

The current cost is approximately $805.00 per 3 hour course. Traditionally two courses are offered each term (3 terms a year). Students will personally be responsible for text books, materials and associated travel costs. For information about student financial aid go to:

How will the program be delivered?

Courses will begin in the fall 2011 term (August 22 is the first day of the term). They will be delivered in a blended mode, combining live class meetings with Internet participation using MUOnline. Students will meet 14 Saturdays a year at the Marshall University South Charleston Campus. Two of the 14 Saturdays encompass the Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar held once during the fall term and once during the spring term.

How will students access texts and other course materials?

Texts will be available through the Marshall University, South Charleston bookstore. Students should contact the bookstore directly at 1-800-642-9842 ext. 62501 to arrange for payment and delivery of needed materials.

How will students have library access?

All students will have access to Marshall Libraries through The MU Library provides on line document delivery, interlibrary loan, and other services to off-campus students.

What will be expected Doctoral Students?

Enrollment in the Doctoral Program requires the students’ serious commitment of time, effort and resources as well as support from the students’ professional and personal relationships.

How long will it take to complete the program?

Coursework will be completed in approximately 3 years. Completion of the remaining requirements, primarily the dissertation, are dependent upon the individual student. Most students complete the requirements following the coursework in approximately 1½ years, but motivated and driven students may finish before this time.

Who will teach this program?

The program will be delivered by graduate faculty from Marshall University.

What are the phases of the program?

1. Completion of Coursework and participation with faculty in scholarly activities

2. Presentation of the Portfolio of scholarly activities

3. Conceptualization and acceptance of a research study (the prospectus)

4. Implementation of the research study

5. Defense of the dissertation

 How do I select a doctoral committee and who is eligible to serve?

Upon admission to the program, students will be assigned to an advisor pending the selection of the committee chair. Students may request a specific advisor and can request a change of advisor. The advisor will assist the student in selecting the chair, and the chair will assist the student in forming the committee. Students will be provided with a list of eligible chairs and committee members, and opportunities to meet these faculty members will be provided.

 What are the advantages to participating in a cohort program?

Cohort Students develop a strong network of colleagues across the region. During participation in the program, students encourage and support one another, work together in teams, and cooperate to develop skills and knowledge. Because all students enroll in the same courses at the same time, completion of the program is done on a timely basis. Travel time is minimalized with the use of MUOnline to supplement live coursework.

What happens if students do not continue with the program?

Except for emergency situations, all individuals who are accepted into the cohort are expected to make a commitment to complete the program. Courses not taken when offered in the cohort schedule must be taken at the student’s initiative with approval of the student’s chair or advisor. A student may withdraw from the program at any time by notifying the program coordinator in writing. Readmission to the program or admission to other doctoral programs will be considered on an individual basis.

Is there information on the MU Website about the program?

Students may access information about the cohort at the MU Doctoral Programs in Education Website at Information specific to the cohort is available under the link COHORT 2011. Information may also be requested by calling 1-800-642-9842 ext. 68949.

What computer access and knowledge is necessary for participation in the program?

Online and blended courses at Marshall University are taught on MUOnline. Refer to for computer specifications.

Where can students get assistance with technology problems?

For technical support, students may contact the Marshall University Computing Services Help Desk by email ( or by phone: (304) 696-3200 – Huntington, (304) 746-1969 – Charleston, (877) 689-8638  – toll free.

Whom do I contact for additional help or information about the program?

The Doctoral Programs in Education secretary, Edna Thomas, will be able to answer questions or direct you to a person or department who will address your concerns. Contact her at or by phone: (304) 746-8949 or (800) 642-9842 ext. 68949.