Cohort Program Information

The Major

This cohort has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of educators. Upon application and acceptance into the program, the student will identify the major area he or she wishes to pursue: Curriculum and Instruction, or Educational Leadership (Public School or Higher Education Administration). All students will pursue the same set of courses, but many courses provide the flexibility for accomplishing the objectives of the course while focusing on course content from the perspective of the student’s major.

Coursework: When

Courses will be offered fall, spring and summer terms, with two courses offered each term. The exception to this will be the second semester of the program, when a one hour course, the Introduction to Doctoral Studies, will be offered in addition to the two content courses.

Coursework: Where

The courses will meet at the Marshall University Graduate College, South Charleston Campus. Classes will meet on Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. The times for class meetings within this framework may be adjusted from term to term based upon the needs of the particular classes. Class times will, however, only vary within this established framework. Also within this time frame, other activities may be scheduled to meet the needs of the members of the cohort. For example, faculty members in addition to those who are teaching the current courses may conduct small group discussions with students regarding doctoral issues.


Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, students will meet an additional Saturday to attend the Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar. Class meetings will be held on Friday evenings prior to the seminar. Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminars provide an opportunity for students to network with other students and an opportunity to meet and talk with faculty. The time frame for the seminar is generally between 9 am and 3 pm, and includes lunch and snacks.

Web-based Courses and Communication

All courses will include work via the Internet. The current vehicle for web-based instruction is Blackboard Vista. Cohort members must have computers with Internet access to participate in this aspect of the program. All students will have an email address provided by Marshall University, and must use this email address for program communication.

The Doctoral Portfolio

While completing coursework, students will also be involved with faculty members in scholarly and academic experiences. The student will maintain a portfolio of these experiences, and will present this portfolio as a comprehensive assessment of progress made in the doctoral program prior to beginning the dissertation stage.

Program Coursework

The planned courses to be included in the program are listed below. After the formation of the cohort group, doctoral faculty will re-examine the needs of the specific cohort to determine adjustments to be made to this tentative course listing.

Course NumberCourse TitleSemester Hours
LS 719Introduction to Doctoral Studies1
LS 703Research Design3
EDF 517Satistical Methods3
EDF 625Qualitative Research in Education3
EDF 711Survey Research in Education3
EDF 626 or LS 776Advanced Qualitative or Computer Analysis3
LS 765Advanced Research3 - 6
LS or CI 797Dissertation ResearchMinimum 12
Course TBATo Be Determined3
CI 701Curriculum Development3
CI 702Curriculum Theories3
CI 703Theories, Models and Research of Teaching3
CI 676Program Evaluation3
CI 706Multicultural Education3
CIEC 700Technology and Curriculum3
CI 677Writing for Publication3
LS 626Institutional Advancement3
LS 647Adult and Continuing Education3
LS 705Administrative Theory3
LS 707Ethical Theories3
LS 710Principles of Leadership3
LS 740Public School Law3
LS 760Politics of Education3
Total Hours76