Marshall University’s Travel Office is a sub-division of the Accounts Payable Office at Marshall University and is located in 203 Old Main.

The policy governs in-state, out-of-state and international travel hereinafter referred to as “travel”, for all individuals traveling on behalf of or at the request of Marshall University including faculty, staff, students and those interviewing for positions with the university if travel is being reimbursed. Travel expenses for contractors or consultants are governed by this policy if the contract calls for reimbursement in accordance with university travel regulations.

Marshall University travel procedures describe the forms, approvals and reimbursable items associated with all types of travel.

We now offer Travel Training.

Travel Contacts

Pam Early
University Travel Auditor
(304) 696-2489

Sherry Osburn
University Travel Auditor
(304) 696-2214

Zena Brown
University Travel Coordinator
(304) 696-5716

Cassandra Mills
University Travel Coordinator
(304) 696-5717

Juanita Parsons
Director, Accounts Payable/Payroll, Policy and Procedures
Payment Status, Athletic & Recruitment Team Travel, International Travel
(304) 696-6520

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