Travel Requirements

Pre-Travel Requirements

  • Traveler must submit a completed Travel Request Form 30 days prior to travel date.
    • Early Bird Registrations should be considered with their deadlines.
    • Purchases can not be made without an approved authorization as per P-Card policy.
    • Funding information has to be included with approved amount when travel is turned in.
    • Students have be set up as a vendor prior to their travel dates.
    • Driver Training Courses has to be valid, they expire after one year.
  • Travel Office will complete the electronic Travel Authorization form once we receive the Travel Request Form.

Post-Travel Requirements

  • Traveler must submit travel receipts within 10 days after your travel date to OM 308.
  • Traveler must include all award letters (Quinlan/INCO/Research Scholars)
  • Meal receipts must be itemized for Students and Guardian Travel.
  • Travel Office will complete the Travel Settlement form once we receive all receipts.
  • Travel Settlement form has to include all original and appropriate signatures
    • Scanned and electronic signature will not be accepted
    • Signatures must be by the appropriate person, not on behalf of.

Helpful Travel Reminders