Course fees for your Online College Courses In The High Schools program class(es) must be forwarded along with your admission check of $30.00.  OCCHS courses are $366.00 each per three-hour course.

Please send two separate checks or money orders (NO cash please!) made payable to Marshall University.

At the bottom of both payments, please include the student’s Full Name, Last Four (4) Digits of the student’s Social Security Number, and the class(es) being paid for (ex: MTH 121).

Click here to view the list of courses currently available through the Online College Courses in the High Schools program.

Send both your application payment and course payment to:

Tyler Sharp
Marshall University Technology Outreach Center
Communications Building 215
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755

* Note: Please remember, without these checks, the admission and registration process cannot be completed!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already been admitted to Marshall University and have a MU 901 ID number, you may take advantage of Marshall’s online services available at . If the e-course you want to register for is closed, please e-mail us at for other available section options.

*OCCHS courses are not designated as dual credit courses through Marshall University. If you intend to enroll as a freshman at an institution other than MU upon graduation from high school, please contact that institution directly to obtain information regarding the transferability of courses and how any college course(s) taken while in high school might impact your enrollment status.