Dr. Beller received her Ph.D. in Political Science in 2005 from the University of Kentucky, but started teaching at Marshall in 2000. She was awarded the Pickens Queen Outstanding Teaching Award in 2006 and served as the Associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts from 2007 to 2009. She is currently advisor to the Cabell County Young Democrats and Pi Sigma Alpha, as well as the Campus Coordinator for the West Virginia Legislative Internships (Frasure-Singleton, Herndon, Rollins, and Burke internships – see “Internships’ at left for more informations).

Courses Taught

  • PSC 104 – American National Government and Politics
  • PSC 105 – Fundamentals of Politics
  • PSC 202, American State Government and Politics
  • PSC 209 – International Relations
  • PSC 211 – Scope and Method in Political Science
  • PSC 408/508 – Middle Eastern Politics
  • PSC 411/511 – Latin American Politics
  • PSC 442/542 – Politics and Welfare
  • PSC 600 – Research Design
  • PSC 604 – Data Analysis
  • PSC 614 – Seminar in Comparative Politics

Research Interests

Dr. Beller is interested in issues surrounding welfare capitalism and women in the developing world.

Curriculum Vitae