What is the 3+2 Bachelors to Masters Degree Program?

The 3+2 Program offered by the College of Liberal Arts allows students to start their master’s degree in Public Administration while still completing their bachelor’s degree in political Science

  • The 3+2 Program is available to students enrolled in an undergraduate program in the COLA.
  • Students enrolled in the program save time and money. Talk to your advisor to see if this program would be beneficial for your academic plans.

The Political Science Department offers an accelerated Masters Degree in Public Administration for current Undergraduates. Students accepted to an Accelerated Master’s Degree program can begin taking graduate coursework in their senior year up to a maximum of 12 hours in place of electives.  Students reduce the number of hours required to complete the Bachelor’s degree by the number of graduate hours they complete (up to a maximum of 12). They must meet all other degree requirements for their Bachelor’s degree while they work on their Master’s degree. None of the credit hours used for the Bachelor’s degree can be counted toward the Master’s degree.

Graduate coursework/credit will appear ONLY on the graduate transcript, and graduate course grades will be calculated at the graduate level.

Advantages of an Accelerated Degree:

  • complete the Bachelor’s degree with up to 12 fewer credit hours, (must meet all other degree requirements for the Bachelor’s degree);
  • begin work on the Master’s degree during the senior year;
  • complete up to 12 graduate credits at undergraduate tuition rates;
  • earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in less time.

Do I have to be an undergraduate political science major to participate in the 3+2 Program?

No. The 3+2 Program is open to undergraduate majors that meet the eligibility requirements for their graduate program of interest.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligibility Requirements for Accelerated Master’s Degree Program

  • must have completed at least 90 hours toward the Bachelor’s degree;
  • must have at least a 3.30 overall undergraduate GPA;
  • must have at least a 3.30 GPA in the major;
  • must meet the admission requirements of the chosen Master’s degree program.

Admission Requirements for Master of Business Administration

  1. How to Apply
    1. During the junior or senior year, eligible students should meet with their Undergraduate Advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies of their chosen Master’s degree program to develop an Accelerated Master’s Degree Plan of Study. The Plan of Study form is available from the Graduate College office or online at the Graduate College website. The completed, signed, and approved Plan of Study must be submitted to the Graduate College. Any changes to the Accelerated Master’s Degree Plan of Study must be approved by the Undergraduate Advisor and Director of Graduate Studies and submitted in writing to the Dean of the Graduate College.
    2. The student’s acceptance into the Accelerated Master’s Degree program is subject to the approval of the Plan of Study by the Dean of the Graduate College.
    3. Students accepted into the Accelerated Master’s Degree program should apply for admission to the chosen Master’s degree program for the first semester after the bachelor’s degree is awarded.  Applications should be submitted during the last semester of the senior year.

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