Why Political Science?


Political science examines human cooperation and conflict both in domestic affairs and international affairs. At Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, we look at Political Science through a diverse range of topics.

In our Political Science department, located in the university’s College of Liberal Arts, we study power, political processes, government, public policies, violence, political philosophy, institutions and political behavior.

All these areas give you, the student, the in-depth knowledge needed for your future career.

Why Study Political Science at Marshall?

The makers of the AP and SAT exams, the College Board, contend that one of the most important subjects a college student can study is the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution shapes the context within which we all operate as citizens.

This is what you will study in Political Science at Marshall University. Our Political Science program helps students understand the way ideas, interests and institutions all intersect to influence our daily lives, whether in West Virginia or internationally. Then, the program gives students the tools to navigate within this system to be successful, whether one is employed in the public or private sector.

As a Political Science major at Marshall University, you can take courses and concentrate in the following areas:

American National, State and Local Politics
International Relations and Comparative Politics
Public Administration / Public Policy / Urban Politics
Constitutional Democracy
Political Theory

The Political Science program at Marshall University offers a diverse curriculum, allowing you to take courses in domestic and international politics, political theory and public administration / public policy.


We focus on developing strong analytical reasoning skills, quantitative and qualitative methodological literacy, and fluid writing, which you can apply in a variety of careers.

We also offer an Accelerated Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Career Outlook for Political Science Majors

Political Science majors develop strong analytical, research and writing skills, preparing them for a diverse number of careers inside and outside government and politics. Upon graduation, many of our majors go on to graduate school or find work in the following professions:

Policy analyst
Campaign worker
Legislative aide
Elected official

Many of our Political Science undergraduate students continue on after they earn their bachelor’s degree, pursuing an advanced degree in our Public Administration M.P.A. degree.


Others leave Marshall with Political Science undergraduate degrees and go on to law school at places like the University of Kentucky, West Virginia University, and Ohio State University. Often, they take jobs in politics in executive and legislative branches in Charleston and Washington, D.C., working for political parties and non-profit agencies.

Regardless of the career path selected by our students, the Political Science bachelor’s degree program strives to teach our majors the content knowledge, critical thinking and writing skills necessary for employment.


Opportunities for Political Science Majors

Our relatively small class sizes allow students to have significant interactive experiences and mentorship from some of the best political science professors in West Virginia and the country. Moreover, we offer many hands-on opportunities, including:

Annual affordable faculty-led summer study abroad opportunities;
Week- or semester-long internships with the West Virginia Legislature and / or a variety of local, state and national political campaigns;
Community-based learning courses engaging students with the local community;
Pre-law advising from nationally-recognized, licensed attorneys; and
A unique concentration in Constitutional Democracy.

As a Political Science major, you can also apply for many privately funded scholarships provided by generous donors. The scholarships range from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,500.


Programs like the Hazel Ruby McQuain scholarship help provide $20,000 for students from West Virginia to become graduate students.

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