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The Political Science Department prides itself on preparing students for successful careers in a variety of fields.  Below are just a few of the potential careers opportunities available to graduates of Marshall’s Political Science program:


According to the American Bar Association, critical and analytical thinking rank among the most important skills required for incoming law students.  The Political Science program at Marshall has a variety of courses that emphasize such skills, from American Politics, to Public Administration and Political Theory.  We also value the strong written and oral communication skills required for a successful law career.


More and more, business in the new global market place are deemphasizing particular majors and emphasizing “well-rounded” individuals when making their hiring decisions. Marshall’s Political Science majors graduate with a broad and diverse knowledge base. Our students graduate with much more than a foundational knowledge of politics; they have the strong interpersonal communication skills demanded by employers. They also possess strong analytic and critical thinking skills, are trained in research design, and demonstrate the ability to organize and deliver presentations.


A degree in Political Science from Marshall prepares students for a variety of positions within government, as well as with a host of agencies that operate in concert with local, state, and federal officials.  Our department sponsors a number of internship opportunities that allows student to gain valuable experience working in and with government. Not only do our graduates have successful careers in government and affiliated agencies, they have also gone on to be mayors, state legislators, and even U.S. Senators.


A strong foundation in Political Science is necessary for any student pursuing a career in journalism.  First, Marshall’s Political Science program teaches the foundations of politics required for successful journalists.  We also emphasize writing and oral communication, critical and analytical thinking, and research skills.


Political Science is often the chosen field of those who want to teach Socials Studies or Civics at the secondary or post-secondary level.  The Political Science Department contains a number of award winning teachers who can educate students on far more than the basics of government.  For those who are interested in pursuing a career in higher education, the department prides itself on teaching the requisite skills for a graduate degree.  Marshall graduates in Political Science have gone onto to do graduate work highly respected programs such as the University of Texas at Austin and Ohio State.

More information on political science careers is available on the American Political Science Association’s careers page.

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