IMG_4775-MThe mission of the Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Marshall University is to prepare graduate students to competently lead and manage government and non-profit agencies. Our interdisciplinary curriculum strengthens students’ capacity for understanding the socioeconomic environments and geopolitical dimensions in which governments and non-profits work to meet societal needs, emphasizing the value of ethics, transparency and professional service in public administration.


We are taking applications for the Summer and Fall 2014 semesters! To begin, click here.

Registration for Summer Courses begins March 17th!  All LS Courses and MGT 620 and 672 will be offered in the summer.

Registration for Fall courses begins March 31st!   The following MPA courses will be taught this fall:

ACC 510, Survey of Accounting

PSY 518, Personnel Psychology

GEO 514, Principles and Methods of Planning

GEO 531, Principles of Remote Sensing and Programming

LS, All MPA courses

MGT 620, Human Resource Management

MGT 672, Organizational Behavior

PSC 533, Public Administration and Policy Development

PSC 616, Public Administration Scope and Practice

PSC 618, Seminar in Public Administration