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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Our M.P.A. faculty are dedicated to cultivating leaders who manage the public’s resources with integrity, transform their communities with innovative and just problem solving, and inspire others to embrace democratic norms and diverse public institutions.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to meet the needs of working professionals trying to advance their careers as well as the demands of the traditional graduate student trying to enter the workforce. Our Online Master’s Public Administration program emphasizes the values of:
* dynamic, ethical leadership
* policy expertise and professionalization
* Confidence, through knowledge and practice

Our approach utilizes a hybrid policy analysis-management curriculum. We keep our program small so that you have direct access to our faculty, who are content experts committed to your success. At Marshall, we value your time and want to empower you to achieve your professional ambitions as soon as possible‚ that’s why we keep our program to 36 credit hours.

$16,000Total Cost of Degree
75%Graduates in Public Service
36 hrsDegree Requirements
2YearsTime to Degree

Public Administration, M.P.A.

The Online Master’s Public Administration (MPA) degree curriculum consists of a 36 semester credit hours, including a core of required courses and a specialty area of concentration. The core courses consists of 24 semester credit hours designed to train students in legal and political foundations, managerial theories and best practices in leadership, and models of policy development and implementation in public administration. Many of the courses equip students with knowledge of public finance, using data collection and analysis to make important decisions for their organizations, and leading organizations made up of diverse stakeholders with ethical values that progress the public good. All MPA students take these courses. The remaining 12 credit hours consist of a concentration of related courses in an area that best meets the career goals of the student. Marshall has the capacity to offer concentrations in:

1) Public and Nonprofit Management

2) Business and Government Relations

3) Planning and Economic Development

All students are required to submit a portfolio of their work in the MPA during their final semester as part of their Capstone Class.

Meet Some of Our MPA Graduates

Public Administration Career Opportunities

Although the MPA Degree naturally prepares students a career in public service, graduates can make their paths-as they are prepared to lead and manage organizations. Nevertheless, the traditional careers for MPA graduates are numerous. Given our unique hybrid, innovative policy-administration curriculum, our MPA graduates are prepared to manage individuals and organizations, writing and analyzing policy, implementation of law, overseeing public money, and most importantly, advancing the public good. Below are a few of the typical career paths MPA graduates take, but the list is not exhaustive.

  • Policy Analysts – Utilize research to facilitate in the creation of regulations, rule-making, and laws
  • Budget Analysts – Utilize knowledge of public financing to manage budgets and facilitate proper institutional spending
  • Health Care Administrators – Manages health programs that are pertinent to organizational mission
  • Human Resource Managers – Facilitate in staffing organizations to meet logistic and personnel needs
  • Program Managers/ Analysts – Utilize content knowledge and research to manage specific organizational programs
  • City Managers – Manages the day-to-day functions of a city such as budgeting, ordinances, and administration
  • Social/Community Service Manager – Social and community service managers coordinate and supervise programs and organizations that support public well-being.
  • Urban and Regional Planners – Assess and report the planning needs of local and state governments


Online Learning at Marshall

With Online Learning from Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va, you can earn a quality degree completely online, while continuing to meet your work and family obligations. You’ll study with the same quality faculty and earn the same degree  you would if you studied on campus.

Marshall University online learning offers many distinct advantages for today’s students, who need and want:

Flexibility to fit in classes with professional and personal commitments;
The opportunity to study for a degree anytime, anywhere, and earn a degree from an accredited and respected university; and
An affordable college education. Our online students benefit from a special distance tuition rate that is less than Marshall’s regular tuition costs, and out-of-state online students pay the same special rate as West Virginia students. In addition, fully distance education students do not pay fees for on-campus services.

How Does Online Learning Work

Online courses are accessible to students with a wide range of computer experience. At a minimum, you will need a desktop or laptop computer, reliable Internet access and a webcam and mic. You should be comfortable using e-mail and accessing the Internet to go online. Our IT service desk is available to help you.
Getting started
Marshall’s Online Learning program delivers courses via Blackboard and Microsoft TEAMS, online learning management systems. Fully online courses are the same as those taught on campus, but delivered asynchronously, so there are no face-to-face or on-site attendance requirements.
You will communicate with your instructors using your Marshall e-mail, or by using the Blackboard Course Messages tool for your online course, and the videoconferencing system in Microsoft TEAMS.
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