Number Site Description Revision
Bond Forms STATE.WV.US Bid Bond

Labor and Material Payment Bond, Maintenance Bond,
Performance Bond



BOG 48




Agreement for Companies

Agreement for Individuals


Drug Free Workplace Affidavit STATE.WV.US Drug Free Workplace Conformance Affidavit 08/1/15
Cloud Addendum MU Cloud Computing Contract Addendum 11/30/15
Essential Services MU Essential Services List 12/2014
Independent Contractor Worksheet MU Pre-Hire Worksheet
Lease Purchase – Equipment MU Lease Purchase of Equipment
Lease Purchase w/Escrow – Equipment MU Lease Purchase w/Escrow – Equipment
Master Lease Purchase w/Financing -Equip MU Master Lease Purchase with Financing – Equipment
MU100 MU Sole Source Justification Checklist 04/01/12
MU101 MU Independent Contractor Declaration
MUB0G3 MU Hospitality Form 07/2012
Purchasing Affidavit STATE.WV.US Purchasing Affidavit 08/01/15
Space Rental (MUBOG3) STATE.WV.US Temporary Space rentals do not exceed 6 months
Surplus Property MU Physical Plant Yard Sale Pickup Form  N/A
Supplementary Conditions to AIA Docs STATE.WV.US A107-2007 Supplementary Conditions Std Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for a Project of Limited Scope
A201-2007 Supplementary Conditions to Std Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
B101-2007 Supplementary Conditions to AIA Doc B101-2007 Std Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect



Tax Exemption Form SSTGB F0003 STATE.WV.US Tax Exemption Certificate 05/10/11
Vendor Preference Certificate STATE.WV.US Vendor Preference Certificate 12/16/15
WV1 STATE.WV.US Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement ($125 fee) 09/18/15
WV1A STATE.WV.US Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement 09/18/15
W9 IRS.GOV Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification 12/2014
WV96 STATE.WV.US Agreement Addendum 05/2016
WV96A STATE.WV.US Agreement Addendum for Software 05/2016