Suppliers Guide

Welcome Potential Suppliers

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Thank you for your interest in providing goods and services to Marshall University. Purchasing welcomes you as a potential supplier in an open, competitive, and friendly atmosphere. It is our hope that you will enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with the University.

About Marshall University

Quick Facts

About the Purchasing Department

Marshall University operates a centralized purchasing system which includes responsibility for purchasing and services provided to the University community by suppliers. Purchasing exists to assist faculty and staff with the acquisition of goods and services of the proper quality, at the right time, in the proper quantity, at an economical price, and from the right source. the office is organized into buying teams which have geographic responsibility for the colleges, schools, and departments they serve.


Metered parking is available on campus and permits may be purchased from the University’s Parking Office. these spaces provide the supplier’s representative with quick access to Purchasing on the first floor of Old Main.

Office Hours and Appointments

Purchasing is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, except on designated University holidays. It is to the supplier’s advantage to make an appointment in advance to permit uninterrupted discussions.

Direct Contact with Departments

Direct discussions between the supplier’s representative and potential users in the departments are encouraged. To permit uninterrupted discussions, appointments are highly recommended. Product demonstrations can be arranged through coordination with Purchasing and the Student Center for rental space. While Purchasing does not expect the supplier’s representative to coordinate visits through the Office, we do ask to be kept informed of potential sales that appear imminent. This enables us to approach the purchase as a team so that the user’s needs are met, competitive bids are obtained, supplier requirements are considered, and purchasing guidelines are followed. Suppliers are cautioned that only Purchasing staff are authorized to issue written or confirming purchase orders, with the exception of Pcard purchases. Failure to follow these procedures will result in delayed payments or the return of material to the supplier.

Supplier Registration

By law every supplier providing goods and services to Marshall University on a competitive basis must first be registered to do business with the State of West Virginia. This is accomplished by filing a completed Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement Form (WV-1) with the State Purchasing Division. Copies of the form are available through either Purchasing or the State Purchasing Division. When registering, the Federal Employer’s Identification Number (FEIN) of the firm or partnership must be given. If the registrant is an individual, the Social Security number must be provided. For further information, please call 304-558-0059.

Resident Vendor Preference

Those suppliers who qualify for a resident vendor preference may receive an award in preference to a non-resident supplier provided that:

  1. the purchase order is based on competitive bids.
  2. the bid of the resident vendor does not exceed that of a non-resident supplier by more than the percentage currently allowed by State law.
  3. Claim for such preference must be made in writing by the supplier at the time the bid is submitted.

The Purchasing Process – How Requests are Handled

All requisitions received by Purchasing are processed similarly. When received, each is reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Erroneous or incomplete requisitions are corrected or returned to the department for clarification. the remainder are assigned a purchase order number, checked for funds, approved for purchase by a purchasing agent, and finally, distributed to the supplier. Normally, this complete process requires no more than 48-72 hours without bids, 18 – 30 days if bids or proposals are required.

Purchases for Less Than $10,000 / P-card

Orders for less than $10,000 do not require bidding, however competition is encouraged. If accepted by the supplier, departments will make the purchase with the University P-card.  Equipment purchases ($5,000 and greater) must route through the University Banner.

Purchases Between $25,000 and $50,000

Informal bids are solicited from at least three suppliers for purchases that are more than $25,000 but less than $50,000, unless otherwise noted for reasons in the best interest of the University. the informal solicitations are not advertised. the supplier receiving the award is notified of the award by receipt of an approved, signed purchase order.

Purchases for More Than $50,000

Purchase orders for more than $50,000 require bidding, with the exception of Construction bids which is $100,000 and Sole/Single Source Purchases. All bids are posted on the Office of Purchasing website. Bids are required by law to be advertised as a legal ad in a local newspaper a minimum of 5 days before the bid opening. Bids are solicited from at least three suppliers and will include the department’s suggested suppliers. the bids state an opening date and time. All bid openings are open to the public and may be attended by any interested party. After the bids are opened, they are evaluated by a purchasing agent and if necessary, by the using department. After the lowest responsible and responsive bid is determined, the award is made. the supplier receiving the award is notified of the award by receipt of an approved, signed purchase order.


ALL deliveries must be made to the Receiving Department designated on the purchase order. Deviations are permitted ONLY upon written authorization by a purchasing agent.


As a state entity, Marshall University is exempt from all federal, state, and local taxes.


The University makes every attempt to pay suppliers promptly. To receive payment, suppliers must invoice Marshall University at the address shown on the Purchase Order.


Since public employment is a public trust, purchasing decisions are made solely on the basis of the State code and the Marshall University Board of Governors Purchasing Regulations. University employees are prohibited from accepting, directly or indirectly, any rebate, gift, money, or anything of value, or any promise of future reward or compensation.

The Marshall University Purchasing Office subscribes to the code of ethics of the National Association of Educational Buyers.

Small and Minority Businesses

Small, minority, and women owned businesses are encouraged to do business with the University. Marshall is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution which is interested in helping such suppliers sell their goods and services to the University.