Bids shall be submitted to the Office of Purchasing on or before the time and date indicated in the solicitation. Unless otherwise stated, bids will be received in the Marshall University Office of Purchasing, Old Main Building, Room 125, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV 25755-4100 Original Bids must be received by the date and time indicated in the Bid.  Electronic/Faxed bids are unacceptable 3:00 PM on 8/15/14  Television Programming Distribution Services3:00 PM on 10/1/14

Solicitation #


Opening Time & Date

Student HealhtAddendum #1Addendum #2 Student Health Insurance  3:00 PM on 9/30/14
 MU14EMBALM Mortuary Services 3:00 PM on 9/24/14
 MU15TRAV Travel 3:00 PM on 9/18/14

Addendum #1

Television Programming Distribution Services 3:00 PM on 10/1/14
 MU15ACTUARY Actuary Services 3:00 PM on 10/13/14