School of Kinesiology

The School brings majors that provide a unique approach to healthcare. The BS in Athletic training offers a variety of options that prepare students to become health care professionals practicing as certified athletic trainers and to apply for graduate level healthcare programs including medicine, physician’s assistant, and physical therapy. The BS Exercise Science majors have the choice of specializing in Clinical Exercise Physiology or Applied Exercise Physiology. Graduates pursue careers in fitness, wellness, performance enhancement, chronic disease management, and weight management. This degree also prepares students to apply for graduate level healthcare programs including schools in medicine, physician’s assistant, and physical therapy. While the BA Physical Education concentration Sport Management and Marketing offers students to pursue fields such as athletic administration, sport management, sport finance, sport accounting, promotions, marketing, and sport agency. This program also prepares graduates to pursue graduate level degrees in business and sport administration.

School of Kinesiology Mission Statement

The School of Kinesiology seeks to study, understand, practice, and promote human physical activity and wellness. Because physical activity and wellness are human phenomena, kinesiology is a holistic discipline that examines physical activity and wellness in a truly inter-disciplinary manner. The School of Kinesiology embraces humanistic, scientific, professional, theoretical, and practical inquiry into physical activity, health, and wellness. This breadth of perspectives allows the members of the School of Kinesiology—both faculty and students—to pursue a variety of ends including: athletic training, biomechanics, disease prevention, exercise science, fitness, health promotion, play, rehabilitation, and sport and sport management