The School of Kinesiology is a multi-disciplinary department which includes four majors.  Undergraduate students in the School of Kinesiology can major in Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Exercise Science, or Physical Education-Sport Management and Marketing.  We also offer degree programs at the master’s level in Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Exercise Science, and Sports Administration.  Students will take a variety of courses across disciplines as well as within their declared major.  The School of Kinesiology programs are challenging and require a high level of commitment from students, faculty, and staff.

Admission into School of Kinesiology Majors

Please visit individual majors for specific requirements for program admissions.  Currently Athletic Training is the only program that has a second tier admission requirement (requiring application to the program after declaring it as your major).  Other programs have minimum GPA requirements noted in the Undergraduate Catalog and/or on each individual program web site.

Suggested Course Sequence

Please visit each individual major to see the recommended course sequence or you can also find each degree program requirements in the Course Catalog listed under the College of Health Professions.

 Program Costs

For tuition costs please visit the Office of the Bursar.  Additional fees are assessed for courses that have a laboratory component in the amount of $50.00 per course.