Welcome to
Multicultural Affairs...

On behalf of the Division of Multicultural Affairs it is my pleasure to welcome you to Marshall University. The richness of the Marshall community reflects diversity of culture, region, age, socio-economic level, sexual orientation, ability and a myriad of ethnic backgrounds. You will find Marshall
University is a microcosm of a globalized society. 

The Division of Multicultural Affairs serves as a leader and advocate for awareness, acceptance and inclusion of all people. Here at Marshall you will experience the richness of diverse cultures, communities, and societies through a culturally educated view of the world.

I urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and get to know someone different from yourself. Enhance your knowledge through program participation, attendance at a cultural celebration or by taking a course that explores Women’s issues, Latin American Studies or Jewish history. Marshall University provides the opportunity for you to expand your view of the world.