Academic Program

The Dr. Simon D. Perry Program on Constitutional Democracy, housed in the Department of Political Science, is the curricular arm of the Perry Center.  This academic program brings together different disciplines to study our Constitutional government. It is designed to promote the study of the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court, the legal application of the Constitution, and U.S. politics and governance.  The aim of the program is to demonstrate the role of powerful forces in shaping the nature of our constitutional system over a long period of time. The program also highlights the roles of some of America’s greatest leaders in this effort.

The program offers the opportunity to focus on Constitutional Democracy while earning a minor in Political Science by taking any five of the following courses:

PSC 417 (Homeland Security and Civil Liberties); 421 (American Political Thought I); 418 (American Political Thought II); 427 (Shapers and Definers); 429 (The Politics of Conflict and Revolution); 436 (The American Judiciary); 444 (Dictatorship and Democracy); 446 (Politics in History); 460 (Civil Rights and Liberties) and 484 (Constitutional Law).

Students are also encouraged to enhance their understanding of our constitutional democracy by taking a variety of courses in disciplines other than Political Science:  HST 409 (American Revolution), 411 (U.S. Social and Cultural History), and 414 (Civil War and Reconstruction); ENG 220 (Political Novel); PHL 451 (Philosophy of History and Culture) and SOC 423 (Social Class, Power and Conflict).

Full course descriptions for all of these courses can be found alphabetically in the “Courses of Instruction” section.