Academic Program

The minor in Constitutional Democracy brings together different disciplines to study our Constitutional government and different perspectives related to our law and politics. It is designed to promote the study of the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court, the legal application of the Constitution, and U.S. politics and governance.  It is also focused on developing critical thinking skills and learning about subject matter useful in understanding the law.  It includes courses that demonstrate the role of powerful forces in shaping the nature of our constitutional system over a long period of time and highlights the roles of some of America’s greatest leaders in this effort.  In addition, this minor is particularly useful for students considering applying to law school after graduation, as it includes courses from a variety of disciplines that will be useful in the study of law.

The interdisciplinary minor in Constitutional Democracy is a 15-hour minor that requires students to take PSC 104 (American National Government and Politics), plus one of the following courses: PSC 427 (Shapers & Definers), PSC 446 (Politics in History), PSC 484 (Constitutional Law), HST 342 (American Legal History) or PHL 460 (Philosophy of Politics and Power), plus an additional 9 hours selected from the following list:

PSC 207:  Comparative Politics (CT)

PSC 303:  American Political Parties

PSC 307:  Public Opinion and Propaganda

PSC 376:  Black Politics

PSC 417:  Homeland Security and Civil Liberties

PSC 418:  American Political Thought II

PSC 419:  Women and Political Thought

PSC 421:  American Political Thought I

PSC 427:  Shapers and Definers

PSC 429:  The Politics of Conflict and Revolution

PSC 436:  The American Judiciary

PSC 440:  Power in American Society

PSC 444:  Dictatorship and Democracy

PSC 446:  Politics in History

PSC 460:  Civil Rights and Liberties

PSC 484:  Constitutional Law

ENG 220:  The Political Novel (English and American)

HST 342:  American Legal History

HST 409:  American Revolution

HST 414:   Civil War and Reconstruction

HST 432:   America Matures: 1900-1945

HST 433:  In Our Time: America Since 1945

PHL 200:   Intro to Philosophy:  Ancient Period

PHL 201:   Introduction to Philosophy: Modern Period

PHL 303:   Ethics

PHL 304:   Logic & Interpretation

PHL 451:   Philosophy of History and Culture

PHL 460:  Philosophy of Politics and Power

SOC 342:  American Society

SOC 423:  Social Class, Power and Conflict

SOC 425:  Race and Ethnicity

SOC 468:  National Identity

Full course descriptions for all of these courses can be found alphabetically in the “Courses of Instruction” section of the Marshall University on-line catalog.