Graduate Assistantship Overview

Graduate assistantships (GA) are available in teaching, research, or administrative work. GA positions are employment opportunities which can provide you with valuable work experience as well as offset some of the cost of your graduate education.

Who can apply?

You must be fully or conditionally admitted to a degree-seeking program (although you can apply for a GA position during the admissions process). If you are a first-time graduate student, you must have earned at least a 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale for all previously completed undergraduate university work. If you are a returning graduate student or a current Graduate Assistant you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

What are the specific terms?

Full or half time graduate assistantships are typically provided for up to two years (and longer for doctoral programs). Reappointment depends on job performance, academic progress, and availability of funding.

Some important notes to keep in mind:

  • A student cannot hold more than one Graduate Assistantship at a time;
  • The tuition benefit does not apply to online courses if a student is listed as being on an electronic campus;
  • The tuition benefit cannot cover undergraduate courses unless required by the student’s program.

Full-time GA appointment:

  1. Maximum 20 hour work week.
  2. Must be enrolled in at least 9 hours of graduate coursework.
  3. Minimum stipend/semester is $2320.
  4. Full or part tuition benefit (note that fees may not be covered by a tuition benefit).

Part-time GA appointment:

  1. Maximum 10 hour work week.
  2. Must be enrolled in graduate coursework (no minimum required.
  3. Minimum stipend/semester is $1160.
  4. Half or part tuition benefit (note that fees may not be covered by a tuition benefit).

How to Apply

Finding a graduate assistantship position is similar to finding a job. Look for positions that will best enhance your education and that will match your interests and abilities. Graduate assistantships are competitive and based on the availability of funding. Sometimes a hiring unit (your academic department, for example), will contact you with an offer of a GA position. You can also contact the program that you are interested in working with to see if they have an assistantship available.

Be sure to act early. Many hiring units hire graduate assistants during the Spring months for the following Fall semester. Here are some ways to locate an available GA position in addition to seeking one in the degree program in which you are enrolled.

List of GA Hiring Units (these are hiring units across campus that may need graduate assistants in service positions)

List of GA Hiring Units with open positions (this list is updated often as positions open and close)

JobTrax (register with this free online service to check for information about graduate assistantship positions as they become available) 

Once you find the positions that best fit your interests, abilities, and goals, be sure to have a resume available and be prepared for a personal interview if required.

Once you are Hired

Please see our Graduate Assistant Handbook.