Theses and Dissertations

Writing a thesis or dissertation is an important and meaningful step in your academic program. It is the beginning of a transition between being a student in your field and being and being a fully trained professional. As such, a thesis or dissertation also includes a higher level of academic responsibility compared to other assignments in your classes. When your thesis is ready, it will be submitted electronically as an “ETD”.

Committee and Review Offices

Your ETD committee chair, also known as your ETD advisor, has a key role in guiding and advising you as you complete your ETD. The members of your ETD committee complement your committee chair in advising you while you prepare the ETD and reviewing the final ETD using the norms of your discipline. Once the committee has approved your ETD, it goes through a final review by the ETD Review Team before being accepted by the University.

Each ETD must include a letter from the Office of Research Integrity that documents IRB approval or states that no approval is needed. You must receive this letter before beginning research on your ETD project.

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