This website is under construction as of 11-6-14. Come back and see us May 15, 2015! 

This website will address a cluster of issues identified during recent Advising Retreats and the University Advising Audit. Features to come:

  • A centralized website that both students and advisors can use, with reliable, updated, accurate information.
  • Each college will have its own page within this website, to be linked within each college’s own website.
    • Contact information (2 contact people listed, building and office number included)
    • How to change a major in or outside the college
    • Transfer
  • Access-points to online 4-year plans will be limited to one source, linked appropriately.
  • Students will find a one-stop shop that explains
    • How to declare a major or change a major
    • How to prepare for an advising appointment
    • How to negotiate transfer of course work
    • How to make the most of Degree Works
  • Advisors will have a secure portal within this site that will require login.
    • Advisors can share information in a blog.
    • Advisor training can be announced/advertised; and training via online modules may also reside here.
      • Student Success Collaborative
      • Degree Works
      • Creating Advising Campaigns