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Message from the Director, Candace D. Layne, EdD

Welcome to the Marshall University Counseling Center website. On this website you will find information about the MU Counseling Center, services, resources, contact information and other valuable counseling and wellness information.

Located on the first floor of Prichard Hall, the Counseling Center offers professional therapeutic services that can assist students with mental health, academic, career, and personal needs. Counseling services are confidential and free for Marshall University students. Our primary goal is to support the mission of Marshall University and the Division of Student Affairs by providing support and assistance to develop students’ personal growth, academic success, and mental health. The Marshall University Counseling Center recognizes and supports the diverse needs of students through counseling, educational, assessment, outreach, and training activities.

Explore our website to find more information about the following:

  • Counseling Center Hours
  • Counseling Center Contact Information
  • Explore counseling options/resources such as individual therapy, group therapy, and supportive counseling
  • Semester Outreach Activities Calendar
  • Training opportunities
  • Suicide Resources
  • See information about strategies for personal growth

Please do not hesitate to contact the Counseling Center if you have any questions, at 304-696-3111. To contact the Director directly please call 304-696-2269 or e-mail

About the Counseling Center

Counseling Center services are located in Prichard HallMarshall University’s Counseling Center is committed to providing you with the opportunity to explore concerns with a professional counselor in a confidential setting. We offer services to help you attain both personal and academic goals. Services may include, but are not limited to, counseling focused on mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety, including test anxiety, stress management, conflict resolution, anger management, and relationship concerns. The center recognizes the college years are a time of accelerated growth, significant challenges, and considerable stress. We are here to help you manage the variety of concerns that may arise during your college career.

Counseling Center Appointments & Walk-In Services

Counseling Center Hours of Operation:

  • Monday- 8:00-5:00
  • Tuesday- 8:00-6:00
  • Wednesday- 8:00-6:00
  • Thursday- 8:00-5:00
  • Friday- 8:00-5:00

We recommend you make an appointment with the Counseling Center to ensure a counseling professional will be available to discuss your concerns. If you ever need to cancel an appointment, please call the Counseling Center or your counselor as soon as possible. All appointments can be made in person or over the phone by calling 304-696-3111, e-mailing, or completing the referral form on the Counseling Center website. The Counseling Center provides a waiting area for clients on the first floor of Prichard Hall. Scheduled appointments are approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Therapy services are free for current full time and part-time students.

Walk-In Hours:

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday- 1:00-4:00
  • Tuesday and Wednesday- 10:00-4:00

During walk-in hours, students are seen on a first come, first-served basis. A counselor will work with you to determine your needs and the most appropriate intervention. That may include scheduling a follow-up appointment with a counselor or a referral to other campus or community resources. Walk-in appointments are 30 minute appointments.

What to expect at your first appointment?

During your intake appointment you will be asked to complete necessary forms to help gather information about presenting concerns, as well as a consent for treatment. These forms are done electronically or pencil and paper. During your first appointment, you and the Mental Health Specialist will discuss presenting concerns and a plan for treatment. Session frequency will be determined by the Mental Health Specialist and the student.

Emergency/Crisis Counseling: In the event of an emergency, a Marshall University Counseling Center staff member is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached by calling 304-696-3111 during regular office hours or by contacting the Marshall University Police Department at 304-696-4357 outside of office hours.

Contact the Counseling Center

Find us on Marshall’s Huntington campus in Prichard Hall, on the first floor. Call the Counseling Center at 304-696-3111 to learn more or schedule an appointment.