Title IX Counseling Services

All Counseling Center staff are confidential reports on campus. If a student discloses an incident that is covered under Title IX to a Counseling Center staff member, this information cannot be disclosed. Center staff can assist students in providing resource connections to on campus and community resources to file a complaint and/or for other necessary resources.

The Office of Title IX does make referrals to the counseling center if students desire and Counseling Center information is shared with all students involved in a Title IX incident. All students involved in a Title IX case, rather a complainant, respondent, or a witness, will be referred to the counseling center for services if desired and priority scheduling is provided.  All students will meet with the Office of Title IX before a referral is provided to the counseling center. If a student declines a referral to the counseling center the Office of Title IX will document.

A release of information will need to be signed by the student in order for Title IX records to be provided to the counseling center and/or for the counseling center to speak with the Office of Title IX, the Office of Student Conduct, or the Behavioral Intervention Team about a student’s case.

To help further protect the confidentiality of students involved in Title IX cases, no staff members of the Counseling Center staff serve on the Title IX Assessment Committee. Counseling Center staff are the few staff members on campus that are confidential reports, so it is imperative to be always mindful of the confidentiality of students, therefore center staff do not serve on Title IX Committees.

For more information about the Office of Title IX and/or to file a complaint, please visit the following link: Title IX Complaints – Equity Programs (marshall.edu)