Emotional Support Animal Information

The Marshall University Counseling Center does not provide documentation for Emotional Support Animals at this time. Per guidance from the ACA HAIC (below), we have no therapists trained in ongoing animal-assisted therapies.

The Following is a quote from the ACA Human-Animal Interventions In Counseling (HAIC) taskforce:

“It is the recommendation of the HAIC that professional counselors do not engage in the practice of writing letters for their clients, unless the counselor has specialized training and experience in working with human-animal bond in counseling such as would be outlined in the ACA AAT-C Competencies for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) due to the potential risks involved for clients,  the public, the counselor, and the animal.”

Click here to read the full official position statement of the American Counseling Association’s Human Animal Interventions in Counseling division

For more information about Emotional Support Animals please contact the Office of Disability Services by calling 304-696-2467 for additional information.