Tutoring Services


Marshall University has proudly partnered with Knack – the fastest growing peer learning platform for college students – focused on helping students like you succeed in the classroom and beyond!  Knack’s platform allows undergraduate students in need of tutoring services to book sessions with verified Marshall peer tutors who have previously aced the exact courses in which they are offering assistance.  Through the partnership, we are also providing high-achieving students the opportunity to become verified Marshall Peer Tutors with Knack.



Knack Tutoring Services


Request a peer tutor

To request a tutor, undergraduate students can visit marshall.joinknack.com and sign in with your Marshall student account login.

Students seeking writing assistance in ENG 101, ENG 101P or ENG 201 should contact the Writing Center.


Become a peer tutor

We are recruiting best-fit students to sign up and list themselves as peer tutors on Knack.  If you are interested in being a peer tutor for Marshall, you’ll need to have received a grade of B or better in the select courses. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply to be tutors.  Go to marshall.joinknack.com where you can create a verified tutoring profile, get paid to complete tutor training, and begin helping other students.

Students applying to be a tutor with Knack will need to submit a transcript.  Students may obtain an unofficial transcript at Marshall BRITE Student.  You will need to login with your Marshall username and password.

Knack for Marshall Faculty

Peer tutoring has been shown to improve academic performance, enhance students’ self-confidence, and reduce dropout rates. Beyond these advantages, it fosters a collaborative learning environment, promotes effective communication and critical thinking skills, and encourages leadership development among students. Overall, tutoring not only supports student success but also creates a more engaging and interactive classroom experience. To learn more about how faculty can help, visit our faculty resource page.

Tutor WV


Effective November 1, 2023, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced a free tutoring service available to West Virginians at all ages and stages. Please visit TutorWV.com for more information.


Additional On-Campus Tutoring Resources

Our partnership with Knack College Tutoring provides centralized tutoring for a undergraduate students; however, students can also seek tutoring assistance in the following areas:

Individual academic departments often provide specific tutoring for their courses when qualified tutors are available. For additional information and tutor availability, please contact the below departments through the information provided on the linked sites.

The Buck Harless Student Athlete Program provides tutoring for students participating in our NCAA athletic teams.

Students with documented learning disabilities can seek accommodations by applying for services through our Office of Disability Services.

Paid tutoring is available for students who participate in the Higher Education for Learning Problems (H.E.L.P.) Program and The College Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Tutoring Services, Communications Building, Room 211

304-696-6622 | tutoring@marshall.edu

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Knack Tutoring offers flexible tutoring hours.