Tutoring Tips

Be prepared and get the most out of your tutoring session by reviewing the tips below before your session:

  • Make sure you’ve made an attempt to complete your work or solve the problem yourself. The tutor’s job is to prepare you to do your work independently, not to do your work for you.
  • Have all applicable class materials available for your session (textbooks, notes, handouts, calculators, syllabus, assignments, etc.)
  • Come to your tutoring session prepared to work on something specific.  Be sure to thoroughly read your assignment before your tutoring session.
  • Turn off your cell phone before your tutoring session begins.
  • Plan ahead—the tutor will be able to assist you more appropriately if you do not wait until the day of or day before the test or deadline.
  • Be active during your tutoring sessions. Don’t be shy; tutors are here to assist you.
  • Be as specific as possible about the content areas you do not understand.
  • Be patient.  Tutors are available to help you, but they may not always have all the answers.  It could take time to help you find the answer.
  • Be courteous to your tutor.