HIPAA and Advising

An optional HIPAA training is available to academic advisors.  The Fall 2020 semester has brought new challenges regarding information sharing, and hopefully this training serves as a reminder of what is appropriate to share and what should be kept confidential.  Advisors should have received an invitation to the EverFi training module on 12/1.   A timeline for training has been set from 12/1/20 to 1/31/21.  It takes about an hour to complete the full module.

Below is a summary of the most relevant points from the training should you choose not to complete the module.  You will also find a visual comparing HIPAA and FERPA from the CDC.

HIPAA Basics, EverFi Training Module, Highlights for Advisors



Contact List


Sarah Davis
Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising
Communications Building Room 212

Christopher Atkins
Associate Director of Advising Technologies
Communications Building Room 212